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After a long delay, a pandemic, and companies going out of business... we have succeeded in restocking Gottlieb lockdown bar D7446. It went up a ”little” but such is life.

Besides this bar working for mid-60‘s games, it will substitute for any Gottlieb lockdown bar that uses the 2 buttons. These were later games using bars numbered D-10054 (squarish bar w/ welded end caps) and D-14008 (flat bar starting 1972). While this bar is not accurate for these later applications, it will work and keep your hands from getting calloused from the sharp corners of a no-bar situation. The D7446 bar is $129.69. Other projects and re-stocking efforts are in the wings, so stay tuned.



We have recently had inquiries regarding missing circuit delay modules in several games. These are the 4-prong plug-in modules containing a capacitor, resistor and diode used to delay pulling in a relay while something else was occurring. When the capacitor charged up, voltage was then sufficient to pick the relay. Since these are plug-in modules, you and I both know what happens when anything in a pinball is not ”bolted in”!

So, we made some: GTB-A-11556 is the ”early” module for games such as Spin Wheel, Spin-a-Card, Hearts & Spades. It has a 500uF capacitor. GTB-A-15597 is the ”late” module for games such as Soccer, Super Soccer, 300, and Super Score. It has a 1,000uF capacitor.

Now in stock at $22.00 each.



Still catching up from the long period of no updates. Here‘s one from last year.

Getting a new Stern pinball game? Great news, but we suggest two things be done the instant you take it out of the box:
1. Change the flipper coil stops. Part DE-535-6308-01 has been found to be defective usually. This will be evidenced by gold flakes appearing in the bottom of the game within an astonishingly few games. Problem is caused by incorrectly assembled stops (certain) and weak materials (maybe). Looking at brand new stops removed from brand new (zero plays) games, we see the stop stud loose in bracket. We have had these made correctly and at a lower price than OEM. Just change ‘em!
2. Check the ball. Ball quality seems to be variable. When in doubt, replace. These two things are very minor expenses as compared to the cost of a new game. We know how anxious you might be to start flipping, so if you expect delivery of a new game, we suggest pre-buying at least the coil stops so that you can remedy the situation without having to wait.



With the delivery of the red flat target (subject of last week‘s update C-947-1), we have been able to make another new target for the first time.

Williams also used 3A-9335-4-5-13 as a 1” square rivetted target with a white bullseye hot stamp. We have now made this. P/N is W-3A7335-4513 and is priced at $5.00 with mounting rivets. This target was used on games such as Super Star, Big Star, Star Action, Triple Action, Star Pool and Grand Prix. Enjoy.

A web photo will be coming soon.



We are announcing the return of the red wide target face that has been absent since 2021. This target is known under several part numbers:

  Bally...red 1-1/16h x 1-1/2wide, no print, 2 rivet holes. Part # BLY-C947-1. Price $4.00
  Williams...same, hot stamped with oo0oo white. Part W-3A7431-4518. Price $5.00

The Bally use was 8 Ball, Williams usage was Star Pool, Big Ben, and Triple Strike. These targets commonly broke off the drop target stalk, leaving an unsightly mess. Sorry these took so long to return, but we ordered in 2021, came in Wednesday, made fixturing to stamp on Friday then stamped Saturday.

Well, I scrounged every last one I had and even converted some customers to newer style. But, even I couldn‘t scrounge enough.

What am I talking about? Gottlieb step unit snowshoe wipers... the thin ones that were last used in the early 1960‘s. So, I have had the tooling and the part made up as new.

A-306 wiper finger (0.023” thick) is now available.
A-7291 wiper finger (0.045” thick) continues to be available.

Many of the thin fingers have worn very badly on the end where they will hang up on rivets. No more, the time has arrived when you can replace them now. Both wipers are in stock at $1.10 each.

After some customer demand for a modified coil stop on the early System/3 flippers, we have made some with their own part number and stock. Coil stop GTB-25958 which had a shallow stop stud, is now available with a taller stop stud as GTB-25958-L for those who find the rotation of the flipper excessive. For further reference, the flipper assembly and rebuild kit is our KT-GFLIP-04. The new stop is not part of the kit, it needs to be ordered separately.



With the latest restocking of 31” chrome legs, we also were able to repopulate the Williams front moulding A-18240.

This is a handy piece of hardware as it also fits earlier applications under Williams numbers D-12615 and B-6390.

So, this fits all the way back to mid 1960‘s. Price is nice, too at $63.00. If your bar is missing or beat up, here is an opportunity to solve that issue. These are not always available.



Well it has been awhile (!) since I have written something to update PBResource News! So, here is a brief summary:
-we all suffered thru a pandemic (well, that is not really news!)
-pinball is alive and well. The pandemic actually brought people to the hobby and re-invigorated existing pinball people who were stuck at home.
-Jimmy, my web/email/IT person retired
-Lou has taken over email
-we all got older!!
-we changed our billing software (in December as many of you have seen). Where did my customer # go?
-things got (alot) more expensive

I could make this list alot longer, but you all have the picture.

We have struggled with suppliers going out of business, suppliers increasing minimum order quantities (MOQ), materials changes, materials quality changes, you name it, it has happened. Happily much of this has settled down and we have been able to introduce and replace some items that were amongst the missing:
-back in stock Gottlieb D10066A front doors along with all 3 of the standard light-up type coin housings
-new reproduction plastic set C14607+ ($95.40) for HOT SHOT/BIG SHOT/PRO POOL
-in the works and due soon the THIN showshoe Gottlieb step-unit wipers. (Even my secret stash is wiped out.)
-other stuff that shall remain a mystery until it appears, stay tuned.

I will try to make these news updates a little more frequent!


08/23/21 Millwax

I have had many requests regarding the availability of Millwax these past months and am pleased to report as of today 8-23-21 Millwax is back in stock at our usual price of $12.85 per bottle. If you ask 100 pinball people how to clean and wax a playfield, you will get 110 answers. Millwax continues to fill an important gap in what is available to satisfy this need.

The distribution model has changed completely; we are now one of the few master distributors for Millwax. As such, dealer pricing is now available for customers wishing to purchase in quantity for use or resale. I welcome wholesale inquiries which should be directed to me via the phone (845) 473-7114.


01/13/21 Gottlieb® Assembly Target Cam now available

Got a Gottlieb® game that uses a Kicking Target Assembly? If so you will be happy to hear we have remade the Left and Right Target Cam, the part that normally breaks in the Kicking Target.

The Kicking Target Assembly is used in many Gottlieb® games like Haunted House, Stargate, Surf N Safari, Gladiators, Tee'd Off, Caveman, Barbwire, Volcano, etc....

The Right Assembly Target Cam is Part GTB-20209 $4.00ea
The Left Assembly Target Cam is Part GTB-20494 $4.00ea

These Assembly Target Cams are parts of bigger assemblies

01/13/21 Gottlieb® Stargate Horus Switch

Limited new stock of the White Round Spot Target Smart Switch used in the Horus assembly.

Part Number is GTB-31133Z+ $15.40ea

12/08/20 News

Well...this one is hard to write. I want to convey the meaning but without running on. How to summarize with appreciation and respect and love a multi-fascetted relationship that lasted nearly 35 years. Tonite at about 8PM, just 4 hours before her birthday, we lost Gloria Pullar to join the pinball arcade in the heavens.

Gloria joined me in Sept 1994 as my first employee to help build PBR. She was leaving an IBM career during their downsizing and was crazy enough to believe enough in me and that I could provide her a steady paycheck and an opportunity. We had been together since 1987, but to add a business relationship to a personal one was uncharted territory for both of us. It worked. Her faith in me was all-important to me and unending until the end.

It is amazing how many long term customers who remember talking and ordering with her on the phone or at a show will ask “how’s Gloria” ask me to give her their regards. She always remembered them and was grateful for their thoughts. Her spirit lives on and will be grateful for their thoughts and prayers.

That’s enough for now. We will all wish her God’s speed in her new home. Game over. Replay and match!

Steve Young

10/10/19 3 Gottlieb® Score Reel Switches

We now have a limited stock of Gottlieb® Single EOS Switches for Round Score Reels. This is a redesigned switch. It will fit all Round score reels games starting with the first round score reel game through Far Out that use a Single EOS Switch. The switch is part GTB-B14249 , Cost is $5.28ea
Limited stock of Gottlieb
® Stacked EOS Switches for Round Score Reels B-14337 (1A,1B).
This is a redesigned switch. It will fit all Round score reels games starting with the first round score reel game through Far Out that use B-14337. The switch is part part GTB-B14337, Cost is $9.40ea
The Bent blade should be installed closest to the score reel.

Also now have a limited stock of Gottlieb
® Decagon Score Reel Single EOS Switches. The Switch is part GTB-B10801. Cost is $5.28ea

*Note: This is for the Degaon Score Reels, it will not work on the round score reels(See Above)!

10/3/19 Gottlieb® Decagon Score Reel Single EOS Switch

We now have a limited stock of Gottlieb® Decagon Score Reel Single EOS Switches. The Switch is part GTB-B10801. Cost is $5.28ea

*Note: This is for the Degaon Score Reels, it will not work on the round score reels(See Above)!

7/19/19 Gottlieb® WoodRail Lightbox Screws

Gottlieb® woodrail fans....another elusive part located and in stock. We receive repeated requests for the attachment screws to secure the lightbox to the body of the game. Here is the screw and accompanying washer. Single player games use 3.

HDW-5/16-18FH 5/16-18 x 1.75 fillister head machine screw....$1.98

HDW-5/16-FENW 5/16 x 1.25 fender washer....$0.25

This should help keep your head screwed on! (Grin!)


6/20/19 Targets....Octagonal ones, at that!

October 2018 I found that the mold existed for the Gottlieb octagonal target face used in the late 1960’s (this after the molder claimed for years it was nowhere to be found!).

So we ordered some targets...finally came in June 2019. We have done some research on game useage and stamped up some targets we have been asked for. The research is a bit cloudy as sample game photos do not always match useage and we are missing some B/M’s in the midst of the run. Here are the details so far; if we get verified useage of other games/stamps, we will add to the list.

Part number. Description. Useage.

GTB-A11094 Blank octagon target white or yellow only (specify)

GTB-A11155W-R Wht oct target face-aztec print-red Spin Wheel and College

GTB-A11155W-B Wht oct target face-aztec print-blu Queens (2 each)

GTB-A12292W-R Wht oct target face-octagon print-red Target Pool
GTB-A12292W-B Wht oct target face-octagon print-blu Mini Pool

GTB-A14396Y-B Yel oct target face-4-star-flash-blu King Rock/Kool (4ea)

While we were looking....also stumbled across the special target for Crescendo/Groovy and made some of those as well:

GTB-A12712 Wht rnd target face-flower-red only 2 per game

Pricing: blank $3.00, printed $4.00

All of the new Octagon Target faces are listed on our Switch Webpage.


10/16/18 Repro Gottlieb® Spiderman Playfield Plastic Set

Gottlieb® Spiderman playfield plastics have been reproduced and arrived today. They look great!

The set is part number GTB-D19736+ and is $99.47 per set.

9/19/18 Keychains

Keychains. Keychains? While we usually try to keep to pinball parts, once in a while we deviate. Saw one of these with a pinball friend and thought it was cute and gave me an outlet for some “off spec” parts.

So, I made some pinball flipper keychains. These are made from various styles of 2” flippers by sawing off the flipper plastic slightly below the rubber ring groove and adding a 1” key ring to the mounting hole for the flipper. It takes a little time to clean up the cut and they vary a bit. These are “off spec” because of slight plastic color variations preventing us from making pairings. The print is ok. As I am making from off spec parts, supply may be limited as it would be silly for me to cut up perfectly good flippers to make cute keychains.

This is a great way to wear your “pinball badge” in public or to have a pinball themed keychain for your games. So far, I have set 2 part numbers for these (not trying to make a “project” out of this!):

KEYCHAIN1 is round top, printed flipper, white body.....$5.00 each

KEYCHAIN2 is raised letter, printed flipper, white body.....Out of Stock

There is no choice of right or left. Printing is usually blue. I am looking for a bag of flat top printed flippers that were off color, so I expect to add that as a 3rd variation KEYCHAIN3 $5.00 each.


9/05/18 New Parts

Remember, it is the little details in the recipe that make the sauce so good....so here are a couple of little details that have been bugging me because they bug my customers....and when I do my own restoration, I get doubly bugged.

Escutcheon pins....the small nails used to hold flat ball guide rails to the wooden arch sticks on pinball playfields. Where to find? I have been looking for a long time. Well I stumbled on them looking for something else. Both listed are oval headed 304 stainless, so they look good and can be polished if desired.

HDW-PIN1 is a 3/8” long, 18 gage (0.048”) pin. This fits what I tested perfectly but I can see there might be a variation that needs to be a little fatter (see below). Cost is $1.00 for a pack of 10 pins.

HDW-PIN2 is a 3/8” long, 16 gage (0.063”) pin in case the hole is a bit larger. -Sorry, No Longer Available

Ball guide wire....we often get requests for wire ball guides which are missing and there is no inventory and none to be found. Time to make. So, we send out longer ball guides and the customer then re-bends and trims length. I think it would be more better to just pick a 1 foot piece and make it easier. So...found some material that will work. It is 3/32” diameter 18-8 stainless steel with a matte finish. Looks pretty good as received but could be polished if desired. I have to buy in a roll and cut, so it will arrive with a slight bend to it. It is pretty tough material! Customer will need to straighten it a bit and then bend to desired form. A good item to carry in your toolbox.

MAT-BALLWIRE 3/32”x 12” 1.00 each piece. I cut it at 12-1/2 inches so you will get a full foot at least.


8/29/18 Flipper Buttons

Prompted by a customer question this week about an early 70s Williams flipper button that is not available, I decided to do some research on flipper buttons...got out the calipers, old catalogs and prints where available. The results are interesting.

The bottom line is that the Gottlieb A-3562 button that we manufacture will substite for a number of other Gottlieb and Williams buttons with just minor adjustments! The basic adjustment needed is the addition of electrical insulation for applications where the plastic button needed is being replaced by a metal button. Some other slight tweeking might be needed with switches.

Gottlieb characteristic: Spring tension for button was derived from the flipper switch link assembly thru A3562, then flipper switch blade tension.

Williams characteristic: Spring tension for button came from use of a spring. The Wms buttons tend to have an undercut under the button to accommodate the spring.

Common characteristics: 5/16” stem, 7/8” length from back of button. This is what allows interchangeability with attention paid to springs and electrical isolation as needed. Electrical isolation can be achieved by adding a piece of fishpaper under the switch if button acts directly on switch. If using with flipper button switch link assemblies, either insure that they have fishpaper or replace with GTB-A9360 and 9361 switches. If spring tension is needed beyond what can be achieved with adjustments and original switches, replace with GTB-B17838 switches.

Here is the backup data

Part number. Notes. Print/catalog date.

Gottlieb (all these fit into a brass bushing in cabinet)

A-848 Turned metal, Ni plate, start Humpty. 1/48

Unk. Red plastic button. 1950+

A-3562 Cast, then cold headed, plated aluminum. 4/55

A-3562 Turned aluminum, red anodized. 10/60

A-11878 Steel, welded cap. 1/67

——changed design....plastic button, ,plastic housing w/strap——-

B-13899 Plastic, fits C-13900 housing w/strap. 12/70

B-16680 Plastic improved actuating stud diameter. Mid 70s

Williams (first 3 fit in brass bushing, last 2 thru stamped plate)

5194 Plastic button, believe same as Unk above 47-52 cat

6006 Plastic button. 58

2525 Turned aluminum, became 2A-2525. 62

3A-7208 Molded red button. 66

02-7500-5 Turned plastic white. 78

——changed design to cartridge type button w/retainer nut——-


8/07/18 Repro Gottlieb® Genie Playfield Plastic Set

Gottlieb® Genie playfield plastics have been reproduced and arrived today. They look great!

The set is part number GTB-C19183+ and is $82.47 per set.


6/21/18 More Gottlieb® Spinner Decals

Here is an update on spinning target refacing decals. Five additional images are in today as follows:

GTB-A12796-D checker pattern for Snow Derby/Queen, Far Out/Out of Sight and Soccer/Super Soccer.

GTB-A14270-D rocket/spaceman for Orbit/Outer Space

GTB-A14271-D ‘10’/blue border for King Kool/Rock

GTB-A14286-D football/goalposts for Pro Football

GTB-A16305-D bowling ball/pins for 300/Top Score

GTB-A11254-D Duck for Fun Land/Fun Park/Fun Fair/Tivoli

All are priced the same at $4.00 per pair (front/back of one spinner). I am not planning to do the 3 spinners on Swing Along, so this will complete the spinner decal project for PBR.


5/16/18 New Gottlieb® Spinner Decals

Here is a beginning, there will be more to follow. Have tried out a new suppler and I am pleased with quality and pricing. So....here we go:

Available now:

GTB-A14514-D refacing decal for JUNGLE and variations.

GTB-A16439-D refacing decal for BUCCANEER/SHIP AHOY, etc.

GTB-A16116-D refacing decal for SURFER/SURF CHAMP

These are $4.00 per set (1 set needed per spinner). Screened on vinyl with mylar overcoat, so will be durable. These will also fit the replacement spinner BLY-A3460+ in case the spinner itself is missing.

01/31/18 LED Lamps

Well....the 21st Century has finally caught up with PBR....we are announcing a limited selection of LED lamps.

I have delayed supplying LED lamps until now in order that many of the issues with LEDs have been resolved. I have evaluated quite a number of samples. At this point, I am comfortable bringing a simple offering to my customers who have requested them. I emphasize the word “simple”, as the LED environment has very many variations of color, color temperature, dispersion, etc., etc.

I have partnered with Silverball Museum with their history of useage to bring in the following: (part number, price each lamp,description)

LED0044C $0.90ea LED 44 type lamp-clear $9.00Per Box

LED0044F $0.90ea LED 44 type lamp-frosted $9.00Per Box

LED0555C $0.90ea LED 555 type lamp-clear $9.00Per Box

LED0555F $0.90ea LED 555 type lamp-frosted $9.00Per Box

All lamps sold in packages of 10 and subject to our normal discounting at $100 order. We will be listening carefully to customer feedback.


12/29/17 New Fastener

It has been awhile since I wrote a news item. We have been busy re-making parts that we have re-made before. The ongoing changes in the vendor base as well as material challenges requires an ever increasing amount of time to re-do what should not have to be re-done. OK, off soapbox.

Today reporting on a new fastener availability.

Per customer request and our interest, I have remade the first washer head playfield screw. These were commonly used by Williams in the 50’s and into the 60’s. Size chosen to be #6 by 1-1/2” long phillips head. This seems to fill most of the requirements and will work for some Bally and Gottlieb applications as well. I had them nickel plated which may be a bit “upscale” from the original, but the expense of these special sizes limited my choice of how many varieties I could choose (slotted, phillips, length, all count as new items and cannot be combined for quantities). Other issues involve minimum orders (usually something like 25,000pc). This order was placed 6-14-17 and arrived (quoted 8-10 weeks) 12-27-17! (This is something like “Merry Christmas to me, here is the bill!”)

So here are the details:

Part number: HDW-WH-6X1.5

Description: Phil round washer head steel wood screw nickel 6 x 1-1/2

Price: 0.61 each

Hope these make your restoration pop!


10/11/17 Gottlieb® Countdown Repro Plastic Set

Thanks to the generosity of Sarah St. John in New Hampshire, we were loaned 2 sets of plastic for COUNTDOWN. We sorted thru the pieces and sent a good set off for reproduction. (Several weeks pass.) Boxes arrive....nice!

Here are the ordering details:

GTB-C18193+ shieldset-Countdown. $77.91

Enjoy! This will make a number of Countdown games look much better without the yellowed white and chipped plastic common with drop target games.


08/30/17 5" Bell Assembly – Updated

OK....now to finish the large bell story! Today, have received the parts to complete the large (5") bell picture. The bell shell (B-2091) arrived earlier this year and I promised to do the rest.

Now available GTB-B9359+ which is the bracket, coil, and plunger to ring this bell. This assy has been designed with flexibility to accommodate Gottlieb, Bally or Williams coils. The part number implies a Gottlieb A-5143 coil, but you may substitute another manufacturer's coils at the same cost.

So...here are some part numbers:

Gottlieb B-9359+ standard coil A-5143 24volt application

Williams B-9359+ substitute A2-23-750 24volt (Williams ref #B-5393)

A2-26-1300/1350 50volt

Bally use 50v Williams setup

Ordering details: GTB-B9359+ is $30.66 and specify coil if different than A5143.

Now....I am done with bells for awhile!


8/30/17 Drive Coil Housing and Coil Stop

Well....I never thought I would need to make them....but just received the stampings for Gottlieb A-4583. This is the small (A-1496 type coil) drive coil housing cover with the nutted coil stop A-4862 installed. I guess after all these years of pounding with missing and loose screws, enough have broken that we have exhausted our scrounging these up for customers.

This part will also replace A-4589 which had a similar stop that was staked in place. It can also be a substitute for A-17191.

This part is used in Small Step Switches and some Player Units. This part is 1-1/8” Wide -Gottlieb had multiple parts that all look the same but have different widths, please ensure the part you need is 1-1/8”.

So....new number GTB-A4583+ is available at $9.86.

7/10/17 Coin Acceptors

Just got in some Coin Acceptors

Part Number





1 Cent

NEW with 4 Short Studs



5 Cent

USED, Checked -No Studs



10 Cent

USED, Checked - No Studs



25 Cent

USED, Checked - No Studs



Susan B. Antony $1.00 Coin Acceptor

USED, Checked


Short Studs (Standard) $0.42ea
Long Studs (Williams Edge Mount) $0.42ea
Both of the above studs have a 6.32 tap, will not fit our new 25A Acceptor without re-tapping(Acceptor-25A have metric threads)

6/9/17 Bally Bumper Plug

Another sticky little part bites the dust! We have had many requests for the little rubber plug bumper that Bally used in many assemblies to cushion a plunger returning to rest position. We always sent customers off to the local hardware store. With local hardware stores becoming extinct, I decided to go off in a quest to find this bumper for stock. Success.

Bally used several of these, two of them interchange. R-231-11 and -14 may exchange, so we have one part for both. R-231-11 was used in drop memory drop target banks, and credit knockers. R-231-14 was used in chime units and the ball grabber (Nip-It). You may find other useages in Bally mechanisms as I didn't do a thorough search.

Our part number is BLY-R231-11 for both applications; cost is $0.35 each. Now on the next one (working on replacements for washer head screws if everything works out).


4/27/17 Gottlieb® Repro Plastic Sets

Per the news item on the SCOREBOARD plastic sets, we just received newly produced plastics for JOKER, CORONATION and SHINDIG. The artwork was re-rendered using my samples and a variety of photos by Ryan Claytor. The engineering drawings were located for all the dimensional data from the Gottlieb Archives. And the plastics printed and laser cut. The results are outstanding. I have installed on my games...what a difference from the "bacon" that I had. They will make an equally stunning improvement on your games, too!

I have more sets planned based on the acceptance of this batch.

Here are the details:

JOKER part number PL044 price $75.00/set net (4 piece set)

CORONATION part number PL070 price $110.00/set net (6 piece set)

SHINDIG part number PL078 price $75.00/set net (2 piece set)

These are shipped with a protective layer to be peeled from top and bottom before install. Enjoy!


04/12/17 Credit Lens

Ya know, sometimes the simplest parts solution brings a smile to my face. Over the years we have had untold inquiries about a part that hardly ever shows up in any catalog, but is apparent when it is missing. Wondering what that is? Bally and WIlliams games from the 70's. Bottom arch. White. Round. Lights up......credit lens!

In the 70's both Bally and Williams (also Sonic) used a white plastic snap-in lens on the bottom arch (bowtie) above the left instruction card to indicate that you had credit. When it is there, you dont think about it. When it is missing, there is an empty hole begging to be filled.

Fixed. Found a substitute. Cheap. In stock. Dont know why I didnt think of/find it sooner. Hindsight is so 20/20!

Our part number WLL-3A7266, cost is 50 cents. Part is white and snaps into a 3/4" diameter hole. Fits Bally, Williams, Sonic.

Now off to the next (hopefully simple) problem.


04/4/17 5" Bell Assembly

As promised in the note regarding the 5" bell shell (B-2091+), the hardware arrived today to finish the assembly. Works perfectly...sounds just like it oughta! Since Gottlieb® evolved this part to use a A-5194 coil, that is how I built them. Usage will be mostly E/M so, no diode on the coil either.

Part number B-9579+

Price $52.59

Available from stock starting today. Listed on our Bell/Chime/Knocker Webpage listing the different needs for Solid State Premier games.


03/23/17 Old Type Pop Bumper Body

A long time in coming! For years we have had to make excuses when someone asked for old type pop bumper bodies for deco/daisey caps. "sorry, not available" "sorry, no used ones" "try the 8997 bodies, but they will change the appearance of the game a bit, sorry" "can you arrange the broken part away from the player?" "can you re-glue them?"

These were all the familiar responses....until today. Today, we announce GTB-25W.

Thanks to a customer in NJ who got his son interested as a project, then picked up that work and worked with a molder, samples back and forth, discussions with us and molder, corrections, and we have 25W bodies.

This type of body was used by all the manufacturers for pop bumpers from the beginning of pop bumpers (1948) until sunburst caps were introduced (1965).

Part number for ordering is GTB-25W; pricing is 3.50 each. Careful with ordering, as the dead bumper body is GTB-25A. Enjoy!

Bumper Parts are listed Here
Bumper Caps are listed Here


03/23/17 Shuffle Alley Pucks – Standard Size

Well....not a pinball part, but newsworthy anyway! Today we received a forgotten stash of standard sized shuffle alley pucks. These measure 2-3/4" diameter and were used on shuffle alleys BEFORE the introduction of 10-1/2" pins...so, first half of the 50's roughly. We have had constant inquiry about these and my response has always been something like "go make friends with your local machinist or machine shop". With the introduction of the large pins, the puck diameter changed to 2-15/16". Using the too-large pucks on the early machines makes them way too easy to beat....using a too-small puck on modern machines makes them too hard to play. The correct size is important.

Part number is PUCK-STD, cost is $16.00. Available in red or blue.


02/21/17 Saga of the 5" bell

Beginning in 1951, Gottlieb® used a 5" gong as one of the sound elements of their games. This sound became a classic woodrail and later sound (used for many years). Williams also used the same size.

We have had a string of inquiries over the years since we ran out of the stock of this bell from Premier days. The part looks easy enough...but no tooling to make. Finally put pen to paper and wrote a rather large check to make a new tool (and I thought injection molds were expensive). Bells ordered in October, due November, came in last week but look and sound the way they should.

Pricing and part numbers are as follows:

Gottlieb® GTB-B2091+ $29.89.
Williams reference was 1B-1178 which will ship as the same part.

12/20/16 Gottlieb® Score-Board Repro Plastic Set

Pinball Resource announces a new collaboration with Ryan Claytor to remake some sets of Gottlieb® playfield plastics from the 50's. The first set is SCORE BOARD. It is available now under the part number "PL114" at $75.00 for the set of 4 plastics. These plastics have been re-rendered by Ryan and then printed on PETG and laser cut. I am impressed with their quality. I have selected a few more titles (firstly driven by plastics I need for my games!) that will be announced when finished. The emphasis is on sets which have not been done anywhere previously. The production runs will be small and we will see how it goes considering the time needed to re-render artwork (from poor originals) and generate cutting files.

11/15/16 Relay Parts Webpage

With the increased popularity and new folks involved with electromechanical games for the first time, we have created new web page for relays. PBR has spent additional time trying to resolve part number conflicts and the like using our extensive documentation and knowledge and experience. Some conflicts got resolved, some conflicts created other questions which remain mysteries.

Due to the nature of how games were designed with different features and how they were produced for very short times, everything cannot be covered with these pages. We hope they are a start for the novice and helpful for experienced pinball people. Because there are alot of variations that may be game specific or time-frame specific, we encourage you to consult with us on variations that may not be covered in these pages.

Bally Relay Parts Webpage

Gottlieb® Relay Parts Webpage

Williams Relay Parts Webpage

9/20/16 Gotlieb® AS Relay Circuit Board Repalcement and Armature Rebuild Kit

We have had frequent requests for replacement parts for the Gottlieb® relay-sized stepper called an "AS relay". We have rejoiced when we found old stock as they have been difficult to supply. We are seeing more and more of these that show carbon tracking leading to burned boards or damaged metallization. We also are not finding many new discs in old stock any more.

Because of this, I enlisted the help of one of our circuit board folks to have new ones made. They arrived yesterday and I installed a set to do final checkout last night. They work!

The original board had rivetted eyelets for wire attachment. We have decided to leave them as metallized pads for direct wire attachment. I may install eyelets in the future. If and when we do this, we will update description, price, and photos.

Here are the details:

A8933 (artwork marking on board) is actually sold as GTB-A9016+.

A8934 (artwork marking on board) is actually sold as GTB-A9017+.

Price is 7.81 each. These are shown on our Gottlieb® Relay Webpage

To help make these fussy relays work, we have also recently put together a small kit that contains the armature spring, the drive finger and the drive finger spring to update the A14044 assembled armature which is no longer available. The kit is KT-GASRELAY and is 5.00. These are shown on our Gottlieb® Relay Webpage

These parts along with following the adjustment instructions provided by Gottlieb (and you MUST follow the order of adjustments!) will help achieve satisfactory performance of AS relays in many games.


8/24/16 Solution back in stock.

Many S/80 owners have been requesting the mirror silver backglass trim (top and sides). We ran out of old Gottlieb® stock. I found a supplier after searching awhile. It only took 3 requests for quotation starting in 2014.

The precision of the cut and the fact that there were 2 lengths and the "reliabilty" of this new vendor led me to decide to offer only a slightly longer length for the customer to trim upon installation.

Here are the details:

ORIGINAL numbers were A-19573 (length 25-9/32) and A-19574 (25-15/32).

NEW number A-19573-4 with a length of 26 inches exactly.

Pricing is $3.06 each. Furnished with a peel-off protective film.

Go System/80!


8/7/16 Podcast

Looking to learn more about Steve Young or more about The Pinball Resource? Well thanks to Nick from For Amusement Only EM and Bingo Pinball Podcast, you can!

Nick's interview with Steve is available:


Thank You Nick !

(The old GameRoom Magazine article about PBR is listed below).

8/12/16 Replacement Williams BaseBall Bat Handle

For those Baseball game collectors, we now offer shinny new bat handles.

Part Number is WLL-2A2731 $32.00ea + Shipping

6/24/16 Bally Step Unit Springs

For as long as I can remember, we have had to dodge the question: "What do I do about my rusty, stretched out, missing, etc. springs on my Bally step units?"

After spending a significant amount of time researching what springs were used when, I have settled on a set of springs that I feel will fit the requirement....so, we are here to announce 3 new spring kits for Bally step units. These are the full sized units that have a large diameter plastic step gear.

KT-BSTEP-01 is a kit of 4 springs for single step resetting step units. 2 coils on unit, unit steps down once per pulse of reset coil. This is typically a bonus unit or game counter. Price is $6.69 per kit of 4 springs. Kit contains SP100-110, -113, -120 and SP370.

KT-BSTEP-02 is a kit of 3 springs for fully resetting step units. 2 coils on unit, unit completely resets with one pulse of reset coil. This is typically a coin unit or a ball/player unit on a multi-player game. Price is $5.19 per kit of 3 springs. Kit contains SP100-113, -120, SP370.

KT-BSTEP-03 is a kit of 1 spring for continuous step units. 1 coil on unit. Does not reset. This is typically a match unit. Price is $1.65 per kit of 1 spring. Kit contains SP100-120.

All springs are also individually available for sale. All springs were made here in the U.S.A. by the same manufacturer that originally made them for Bally. Can't get any better than that...they are even color coded as per the original.

Have fun (with your Bally's)!


5/26/16 Shuffle Alley Reinforcing Ring

It just goes to show that you can teach an old (older by the day) dog (me) new tricks. One of our customers asked for this part. After some head scratching and some staring at the Williams drawings, the light bulb came on. He was asking for a reinforcing ring that would prevent the shuffle alley pin studs from splitting when they are attached with the screws from the pin hanger. Turns out, Williams did have such a part, we had some. We went to our normal spring vendor and asked for some. Working from a sample, they have been made. Here are the particulars:

part number WLL-12-6357 "reinforcing clip" This part slides on (tightly) to the top mounting stud before starting to insert the screw. It fits only the top stud as the other is too short. So, it fits the pin number WLL-31-1445.1 only. Use is one clip per pin, so 10 for a full set. Also, it does not fit the similar stud on the pin used for Chicago Coin/Bally/Midway. Since today's pins are a bit stiffer than the older ones, this should help avoid splitting.

Presto! An old dog now has a new trick!

This part is listed with our other Shuffle Alley / Bowling Alley parts.


2/3/16 Gottlieb® Close Encounters of the Third Kind Plastic Set

Today, Pinball Resource announces the reproduction plastic set for Gottlieb's® Close Encounters of the Third Kind. This is the second plastic set made using the original drawings, films and color specifications from the Gottlieb® factory. This is significant in the following ways:

--use of original films is faster (=costs less therefore lower selling price)

--use of original films eliminates any corrections or guesswork involved with scanning

--use of original color specs eliminates any guesswork due to fading, damaged originals, etc

All plastics are screened on PETG and laser cut, protective film on front and back to be removed at the time of installation.

PLASTIC SET is GTB-18395+ $76.53

10/06/15 MAT-SHIELD

Actively restoring games, I am finding necessary items that are a pain to fabricate or find. Here is one: Gottlieb® and others used flat nickel plated shiny metal shields over top of playfield posts to create lanes....before plastic rollover guides came into use. They made an annoyingly large number of them of differing lengths. On a game, they are rusty and dont clean up well or are dented, or both.

Sooo....I came up with a solution: We have had made an 8" strip of high polished stainless steel with each end punched and rounded. Width is 5/8". The idea here is to make it long enough that it would serve to make 1 long or 2 shorter shields. The customer would cut, round, and drill the lengths desired but one end is ready to use alreasy. The idea came to me while I was restoring a Gottlieb® GREEN PASTURES...game has 8 shields from 6 different lengths on this single game....no way would we be able to have all the lengths pre-prepared and be able to reference them and get them all done in enough quantity to keep the lid on costs! Anyhow, here are the specifics:

-Part number: MAT-SHIELD-01 8" length center-to-center of holes (8-9/16" overall), flat

-High polish one side, protective covering to be removed.
-Thickness 0.042 laser cut

-Hole in each end #18 drilll to print...ends rounded.

MAT-SHIELD-01 $6.66 each

7/29/15 Gottlieb® System 3 Bumper Caps

We have located and resurrected the mold for the System/3 Gottlieb® bumper cap 26635 and have produced the cap in transparent yellow and clear (no color). This cap was used in 4 colors: clear, transparent red, blue and yellow. All are available now under this part number (specify color wanted) at $3.00 each.

The story of GTB-986.

Once upon a time, when Gottlieb® first introduced drop targets, they used a funny "abbreviated" plug bumper for the trigger arms to reset against. The design was okay but over time the rubber got a groove worn into it, then fell out or was lost and the arm then reset too high. This caused the bottom of the drop targets to be over-stressed and then the lip broke off and the targets reset against the bottom of the playfield glass and would not drop correctly. We never found the source of the bumpers, cost to make a mold too high, etc., etc.

Fast forward to 2015 and one of our customers, Larry Dale in Washington state (obviously a person with too much time on his hands!) got curious, did some research and came upon several candidates. He was good enough to forward that information to me. I researched the leads and ordered samples, and bingo! we found the correct original bumper.

I have ordered stock, it has arrived. It is stocked here as GTB-986 and is priced at 0.30 each.

(happy) end of story.


12/8/14 Gottlieb® Spirit Plastic Set and Spinning Disc

Today, Pinball Resource announces the reproduction plastic set and replacement disc for Gottlieb's® SPIRIT. This is a first of a kind project using the original drawings, films and color specifications from the Gottlieb® factory. This is significant in the following ways:

--use of original films is faster (=costs less therefore lower selling price)

--use of original films eliminates any corrections or guesswork involved with scanning

--use of original color specs eliminates any guesswork due to fading, damaged originals, etc

All plastics are screened on PETG and laser cut, protective film on front and back to be removed at the time of installation.

Here are the part numbers and details:

PLASTIC SET is GTB-22162-3+. The originals we sold were sold under 2 individual part numbers...22162 and 22163. It looks like they were separated by Gottlieb® after printing into the 2 part numbers as the layouts did not exactly follow the color scheme....a puzzle, but fact. We have combined the 2 sets into one part number, since there is no scheme to why one would buy "half" of a set...Spirit is one set. Selling price is $157.60.

MOTOR DISC is GTB-22204+. We were happy to find drawings and film for this backbox animation disc as we have never seen any samples outside of the game; there was no stock at the factory when it closed. Selling price is $41.35.

We hope that collectors of this game around the world enjoy these plastics. I think they came out great and I look forward to making additional games' plastics using more of the original films we have in the archive.


10/24/14 Opaque Red Flipper Buttons

Beginning in the late 1970's, Bally began using an opaque brick red color flipper button and matching housing. We have had many requests for these. They have been available in very small quantities as old stock only. As a result, the use of the transparent red button and a white housing as used by Gottlieb® was the only solution.

By working some molding tricks, we have been able to remake the buttons in the original colors.

Available again are the following parts;

BLY-C904R opaque brick red button housing PBR price $1.80ea

BLY-C905R opaque brick red button PBR price $2.03ea

These parts will allow collectors to preserve the original appearance of their Bally games.

These are listed on our Button webpage

10/8/14 Gottlieb® Archive Parts

We have been busy sorting the Gottlieb® Archive parts we got recently. Customers have been enjoying purchasing the NOS Playfields, NOS Translites, NOS Manuals/Schematics, etc.., We just used a piece of the original artwork / film to make the Haunted House Webbed Playfield Cover, see below.

To answer customers question of “What other parts did you get”, we have put together a partial list by game name of some of the Gottlieb
® Archive Parts that are now available and have not been previously listed.

10/2/14 Twin Star Rollover Button – Now available in Opaque Red

We have remade the Twin Star Rollover Button in Opaque Red. This is useful for collectors who are changing their E/M games over to LED lamps and for game builders/designers to allow a classic feature to be used on new games using LEDS lights. The Opaque Red limits the amount of light that passes through the button.

Part number is GTB-D11966LR and can be seen on our Rollover Button Webpage.

6/16/14 Replacement Theatre Of Magic Motor

Today we introduced a replacement motor for Theatre of Magic (part number 14-8018+). Using the original motor, we have re-engineered this motor into Multi Products hardware. This has the following features:

-current design

-serviceable (old motor manufacturer is out of business)

-pricing is a fraction of what this motor cost when it was available new (Williams 1995 price was 376.30)...our list is $230. ($207 after discount)

This motor has been carefully tested in actual game application.

We hope this motor keeps many of these games doing what they are supposed to do: providing fun!


Update 6/9/14 Announcement of importance to Gottlieb® pinball collectors, restorers, and historians.

On Thursday my crew plus a professional moving crew moved into PBR storage the bulk of the remaining Gottlieb® archives, bringing most everything Gottlieb® back under one roof. Let me explain.

When Premier Technology was closed and dispersed there were a number of major pieces:

-already built GAMES (sold by Gottlieb® Development)


-bulk parts were auctioned in Chicago in 1995 along with other assets of production tooling

-replacement parts were packed up and shipped to Mondial Distributing in Springfield, NJ to be made available for replacement needs...these parts ended up here at PBR several years later

-DOCUMENTATION was retained by Gottlieb® Development and shipped to their headquarters in Pelham, NY. Over the years, Gottlieb® has been generous with the access to this material as we needed information for re-making parts....but because it was in "storage conditions" the bulk of it was not really accessable (and we didnt know how extensive it was until relatively recently)

-PARTS (again)...because any move of this complexity and magnitude is imperfect, some parts remained mixed with what went to Pelham and when things like the playboards came here, we were asked to return for their archive one playfield of each title before we were able to sell the remaining playboards.

-TOOL RECORDS (from late 40s) and the bills of material (for mid 80s and up) were sent to us when Premier was dispersed. We have had this and used this since.

So...what has arrived here is the documentation and the remaining parts!....and the sorting and sleuthing begins...here is how I see it unfolding:

-the playfields are inventoried and will be offered for sale coincident with this news announcement.

-the parts will be inventoried and put onto the shelf as routine business...this will happen over the next few weeks...at this writing we do not know what the inventory is but a quick look over the boxes indicates mostly mechanical parts

-the documentation sorting has begun with me working nights and weekends to assemble a workable retrieval system of a massive amount of information which includes (at the time of this writing): original schematics and manuals with production notes, variations for individual markets, problems discovered in production/operation, bills of material, factory photos of the games, their inside details, artwork films, etc. Pretty exciting stuff! It will take a major effort over time to understand and relate all the information. Gottlieb® ran an impeccably well documented and controlled manufacturing operation...they recorded everything important to control production and saved it. The documentation begins with the first game after World War II...so this an extensive history. So far, I see only a few unexplained gaps where I fear files have been lost in the several moves that this material has had. Stay tuned, as they say, for more details.

We have access to the bills of material already (WWII to end of System/1). This will allow questions to be answered that are not documented in any of the parts catalogs. This "immediate availability" is a bit of an oversimplification....all this material up to the mid-late 80s is hardcopy....not in any information retrieval system, hardcopy....filing cabinets, folders, rolls of paper, bankers boxes of files, etc.


The Pinball Resource

8 Commerce St

Poughkeepsie, NY 12603

845-473-7114 phone

845-473-7116 fax


Update 4/8/14

Over the past year and a half, we have been busy with recovering the hot stamping activity that was once done by our friend and associate Donal Murphy before his untimely death. This has been accomplished and we have added quite a few new designs and products that has only planned at the time he left us. Thanks for your support and patience!

We are now turning our attention to resuming the reproduction of new titles of playfield plastics. A week ago or so, we released the lower plastic set for BLACK HOLE (p/n GTB-21304+ $36.80). Today we are releasing the set for JET/SUPER SPIN (p/n GTB-C16967+ $63.22). As time permits, we plan to keep the new titles coming. Your "votes" will help us choose the next projects. Thanks and enjoy!


They're baaaaack! 12/11/13

It has taken forever, but the cigarette holders that were ordered in August 2012 (!) have finally arrived....tooling issues, plating issues, and another long supplier passing away all contributed to the delay.

We have BACK in stock GTB-A3889+ for the curved rail games cigarette holders ($9.46).

We have NEW in stock GTB-A3623+ for flat rail games cigarette holders ($9.37). We made the flat rail style both for all the Gottlieb® multi-player cabinets as well as for a number of customers asking for this part for baseball game restorations.

Both have a centerline hole spacing of 3.50" and are beautiful in bright nickel plate.

11/11/13 – We have recently introduced much needed parts to assist pinball restorations:

Williams coin mechanism locking plate WLL-1A4253. While this sounds like a silly part, it is quite necessary when trying to put coin acceptors back into Williams games (1966-mid 80's). Coin mechs were commonly removed by operators attempting to prevent home sale games returning to street useage (competition).

10/28/13 – Williams E/M Score Motors

After repairing a number of mid-70's Williams score motor gearboxes and after having had a number of inquiries, we made a batch of new motors. This is motor #14A7883. Priced at $90.00 it is a less costly remedy than the repair charge plus worn parts.

10/28/13 – Gottlieb® E/M Siderails Back in Stock

Finally back in stock are the mid-60's to early 70's Gottlieb® stainless steel side rails. Part number is "GTB-D8159*set". This set covers June 1964 (Bonanza) to 1969 ± (cabinets #SS5 and SL5). Interestlngly, unless you actually got out a set of prints and calipers, you wouldn't realize (as we didn't either) that the flipper buttons are not in the same place....the RHS button is lower than the LHS button. I believe this was to accommodate the flipper button lever on the inside of the cabinet. When the flipper switch was moved from the playfield to the inside of the cabinet directly behind the button, the hole moved. To ascertain which rail you need, measure from the bottom of the flipper button hole to the bottom edge of the rail...if your RHS buton is lower, then this set of rails is correct for your game. The 70's rails, which are out of stock, will be here before long. These have the buttons equally spaced right/left.

10/03/13 – Today we have updated our Flipper Rebuild Kits webpages

Today we have updated our flipper rebuild kits webpages. Here is a summary of the changes:

- Enhanced mini kits to have flipper bushings previously ordered separately.

- Added 2 new full and their partial kits to the family of Williams kits. These kits cover the late 50's thru the late 60's where kits were not available previously. To make room for these kits in numbering, the old KT-WFLIP-01 and 01M have been renumbered to -04 and 04M. The new kits are -02/2M and -03/3M. Please watch carefully the beginning and end games that are referenced, they sometimes overlap...following the production listing doesn't always provide the correct sequence. There is no -01/01M kit at present. We are trying to assemble one and have run into too many questions to be certain of what hardware and what range of games is appropriate.

- Added FA605 spring washers to many kits.

- Created new webpages to detail kit components and alternative/additional parts to facilitate customers wanting to purchase either just that individual part, or to allow for customers to buy extra of a particular part. There are so many variations of flipper hardware used for games that the kits can only serve as a beginning base from which you can build. Things such as multiple flippers needing flipper enablement switches, lane change switches, etc. all are done outside the kit environment.

- Created part numbers for plunger and link assemblies for several of the kits where individual purchase would have required plunger, pin and link to be specified separately with an assembly instruction.


We are in the sad position to announce the death of Donal Murphy in Chicago. His wife called me Saturday morning to tell me he had died in an accident at his farm south of Chicago on Friday night (October 26). We are all shocked to say the least. In what I am writing here, I am searching for the right words.

The Pinball Community has lost a very important contributor; he was a friend, associate, partner, fellow collector to more pinball people than I even am aware of.

Donal was a quiet leader and an inspiration to me personally in many of our reproduction parts for Gottlieb®. I will miss this greatly. His connections and reputation in the Pinball Industry were the entry ticket to being able to get our foot into the door with many suppliers to start/restart many parts

into production.

In addition to this he was an invaluable asset in moving parts between operations and in the operation of a significant portion of the hot stamped products we offer. This will be missed by all of us as we work to move the missing operations to our building in Poughkeepsie.

UPDATE 1/24/13:
It has been several months since the untimely death of Donal Murphy. I thought it time to provide an update of the progress we have made in restarting the hot stamping process and product here in Poughkeepsie.

We have finished an expansion of our floorspace to allow rearrangement of equipment, installation space for additional equipment and storage of unstamped raw product. This was finished while we wrestled with the Christmas rush and didn't have lots of time to devote to stampng.

We have received from Chicago about 99% of the hot stamping dies. There are a few missing dies that we are still looking for (and we found some that we don't know their usage..see the unknown cap we have posted here: no one has made any suggestions as of yet!).

We have restarted the majority of Gottlieb® drop targets with no issues. We don't have a lot of black targets, so these will be stragglers until more raw stock arrives here. We have tested many of the Bally designs and have encountered no difficulties. We await stock to restart stamping.

Today (1-23-13) we tested successfully red sunburst 10 w/l caps. No large stock here yet, but no issues. We are in the process of redesigning and making stamping fixtures for 2" flippers, so these should move forward shortly (all flavors).

Overall, I am pleased with the quality of the stamping and look forward to returning to stock the items we all miss. Thanks for your patience and good wishes that have been extended. We appreciate them!


UPDATE 3/26/13
We would like to thank our customers for their understanding for availability of hot stamped products. We have been very busy replenishing the items that we have tooling for....this has involved making support fixturing for the new process. Besides making the process more efficient, I feel we have achieved better print quality and consistency.

We have been successful in making all or most of the following
  Bally sunburst and snap-in caps
  Bally drop targets
  Gottlieb® drop targets
  classic Stern caps and drop targets
  daisey/deco cap products for Gottlieb®/Bally/Williams/etc.
  various other products (round top flippers, 
  Black Knight caps, Gottlieb® shooter gage, etc)
We are working to get remaining dies/fixtures for the 
following (probably in priority order)
  Gottlieb® flat top flippers
  Bally/Williams raised letter flippers
  classic Stern 'S' and dotted S box drop targets
  Gottlieb® snap in caps
  Gottlieb® flanged bumper bodies (requires entire 
 stamping machine to be moved here)

UPDATE 4/9/13
We have been busy debugging new stamping fixtures and have made a good deal of progress in the past several weeks. Here are the highlights:

The snap in cap fixture has been made and fine tuned. We have started stamping the most needed designs listed below:
A10998B and R
A11426B and R
A11826B and R
A15200B and R
A13176B and R
A13859B and R
A15915B and R
Black Hole
Haunted House
Alien Star
-The rest of the designs need time to run, there should be no technical difficulties.

The raised letter flipper fixture has been made and fine tuned. Since we are short of one side, we used all remaining unprinted flippers to make the blue and black versions. So:
C609SET is OUT of STOCK. If you order the unprinted, we will substitute the blue.
C609SET-B (blue) is done
C609SET-X (black) is done
We know that there is stock that has to be located in Chicago and shipped in to provide the missing parts, both were run in even quanitities not so long ago. We just have to find them in Don's storage.


UPDATE 6/21/13

Since the last update, we have continued to make great strides in repopping most of our hot stamped product...at this time it is probably easiest to tell you the remaining problems rather than to rant on about what is done. We also have discovered a number of unusual/unknown patterns that we will experiment with when we are able to tie up the loose ends.

Here are the problems:

Gottlieb® 63A ball shooter cover...waiting on parts to be molded.

Gottlieb® flanged bodies...waiting on stamping machine modifications. Dies and nest are here and we need to do some toolroom work to modify stamper. Hope this will happen in the next few weeks.

Stern drop targets...there are a number of missing dies (which must all be together somewhere in the Chicagoland area in some place that we have failed to look) : slash S, dotted S box, 1 2 3 4 5 (7 patterns total).

Williams caps...several missing dies (see above)...100 diamond, 100 squiggl, JET and W logo.

For any of the missing caps...there are some odds and ends in some colors as well as some NOS pieces in my personal stock to help out a few applications....please ask.

As always, "thanks" to all our customers who have been so patient and understanding during this process.


UPDATE 7/17/13
During the July 4th shutdown week, we were able to stamp the Gottlieb® flanged bumper bodies, thus returning them to stock status. We are very happy with the print quality we were able to achieve and believe you will be as well....thanks for your patience. I think we printed and bagged nearly 800 bodies in that week.

The following designs and colors were stocked: (print color on white body unless noted)
A10436 blue, green, purple, red, yellow
A13904 blue, red, yellow
A13905 blue, green, purple, red, yellow
black on red body, black on yellow body
A15980 red , black

The die for Pink Panther is not useable, a new die is being pursued. It is our intention to make this design as well.

Now we will make a last ditch effort to locate the missing few design dies (see last update) before commissioning replacements.


UPDATE 7/26/13

We have successfully printed caps for Caveman and a new die arrived today for the 20577 design used on Pink Panther pop bumper bodies....both are available for ordering. Neither design was possible before.

We have officially ordered the 11 dies mentioned in other updates as missing. They will start rolling in per a priority we established with the die makers...first the Stern lightning bolt S, then 12345 for Flight 2000, then a couple of sunburst cap dies: JET and 100 squigl, then the remainder as they make them to bring us to completion.

UPDATE 8/19/13:

It figures! Having made a build order for the missing dies, they have been found!

Starting today, we will begin filling in the stamped product that was waiting for these dies to become available. As of this writing, we have completed the classic Stern lightning bolt S and the dotted S box drop targets. We will next do the High Speed 'W' logo, then sunburst JET and Squiggle 100, followed by the remaining few designs listed in the older updates posted here.

This will bring us full circle to completeness for availabilty (actually a bit more than complete as we have added caps for Caveman and the bumper body for Pink Panther which had not been available). Thank you for your patience and understanding during our period of recovery.

Now, we will entertain the collecting community's suggestions for designs that haven't been tackled before.


UPDATE 8/27/13

With the receipt and running of the missing hot stamps, I am ready to declare victory. We have returned all hot stamped designs and products to stock and beyond:
-much deeper stock positions for most items
-cleaner, more uniform stamping using improved machinery, fixturing, and process control
-ability to do designs not previously offered for technical reasons
-PINK PANTHER bumper bodies
-Bally printed mushroom bumper caps (started, but not quite wrapped up yet...designs will show on website as available)

There are a few items in short supply, but this is due to arrival/delay of certain stamping stock and is a normal course of business.

Thanks for your support and understanding during these months of recovery. This will be the last hot stamping update that I expect to write in this series.


07/18/13 – First Time Repro : Gottlieb® Shoulder Screws

Driven by customer requests, we have made the Shoulder Screws used in Gottlieb® 70's E/M games, A1058 and A1059.

GTB-A1058 $2.60ea

GTB-A1059 $2.68ea

If you need a new nut, HDW-6-32NUT $0.10ea

07/24/12 – Bally SS Collectors/Historians -We need your Help!

When we acquired Bally's Hot Stamping Dies, we got some interesting things

-Multiple Dies with Artwork Variations
-Multiple Dies with Size Variations

We got a Cap die that we can not identify and need your help!

Does anyone know what games uses CAP1?

Happy Viewing and let us know what you think!

07/28/11 – Gottlieb® Reproduction Backglasses

We were recently contacted by Gottlieb® Development to help them sell the

Gottlieb® backglass reproductions that they have been archiving as part of

the reproduction approval process.

We have taken these glasses into our inventory and are happy to offer

them to the pinball community. These are all reproduction glasses..

generally 1 glass per title was all we started with. Some of the titles

we have are out of stock with the folks who originally produced the glass.

We have tried to set the selling price at the price the glass was originally

or is currently offered at. Prices are net, no discount offered.

The list of glasses can be seen!

07/28/11 – Gottlieb® Devils Dare -Hot Stamped Drop Targets Now Available!

03/09/11 – New Bumper Cap Available!

Stern High Hand Bumper Cap , Yellow Sunburst with a Red Heart now offered $6.00ea

We have over 1,000 variations of Bumper Caps listed on our webpage!

On Sept. 1, 2010, Pinball Resource took over the responsibility for repairs of older Multi Products, Moto-Search, and United Manufacturing (UMC) gearmotors from Multi Products who had been performing them. We are doing this with the help and parts support of Multi Products, whom we would like to thank for the opportunity and for the support.

Motors that will be serviced will be predominantly as described below

Moto-Search....all motors

Multi Products...open frame (visible gears) and closed gearbox (baseball, bowler/shuffle and arcade). We will not be servicing mid-80s thru current closed gearbox motors which have been remade. Many of these are listed for sale on our website. We will not have the parts for these and it is more cost effective generally to the customer to buy a new replacement. One exception to this is that we will continue to support repair on the planets motor for Judge Dredd (14-7985).

UMC...As we took over this enterprise, we were surprised as to how much old parts inventory was at Multi Products for old UMC motors. We had no idea! We will see how many of these repairs are possible as our experience develops; parts are limited to old stock parts and Multi cannot make most new parts for these styles.

We have been doing many of the gearmotor repairs ourselves for years but we still have a learning curve to climb for certain motors and situations.

Pricing and Turnaround

We will attempt to repair motors quickly. Where parts are in stock, we anticipate within a week. Where we need to obtain parts, the time factor will be longer. We have been repairing many of these motors for some time and recognize that we see anything from a simple repair to receiving a box of parts from someone else's failed repair attempt. While we sell rebuild kits for many open frame motors, if you have no experience in performing the repair, please consider carefully before you make the project more difficult (read "costly") by attempting yourself. Pricing framework is expected to be $100. flat fee plus parts. If we need to make an exception, we will discussed with the customer before accepting the work.We will attempt to keep the costs fair and reasonable as is our reputation. Motors that are not repairable will be returned (after discussion with the customer). Depending on the situation, there may be an inspection fee for unrepairable motors depending on the amount of time needed to disassemble. Return shipping charges will apply.

Preparation and Packaging

We don't like surprise packages. In order to avoid motors being sent in that are not within our scope, we ask that all motor repairs be called in via the telephone IN ADVANCE (845) 473-7114, just so we can touch basis. One would be surprised how often we receive packages without instructions/notes/return addresses and have to wait for someone to call to question "what happened to my ....?"

To the best of your ability, please remove the gearmotor from your assembly. We suggest you take photographs if you are unsure how to re-assemble. Please keep all cables and attachments to output shafts. Please note there are exceptions to this as some assemblies use blind taper pins, roll pins and other types of attachment that are not easy to remove without specialized tools. We love the blind taper pins the most...requiring a milling machine cut into the opposite side of the cam to find the other end of the taper pin. If in doubt, PLEASE ASK before sending us a "surprise".

Please pack all motors tightly in newsprint in a secure box. DO NOT USE styrofoam peanuts. Please take extra care not to damage the electrical winding bobbin and its terminals, this part is most difficult to obtain and to replace. If you take care in packaging, we receive the motor in the best condition. It is disheartening to receive a motor that would have been simple/fast/cheap and find avoidable shipping damage that makes it complicated/slow/expensive. Damaging a motor beyond repair sentences the customer to finding a used motor somewhere as single motors cannot be manufactured one at a time.

06/24/10 – New Bumper Caps Available!

Deco/Daisey Slant “ADVANCE WHEN LIT” Reference games like Williams Apollo.

We have over 1,000 variations of Bumper Caps listed on our webpage!

05/25/10 – Gottlieb® Volcano Plastic Set Now Available!

Driven by customer requests, we have remade the Gottlieb® Volcano plastic set. It's Part #21032A $89.46.

03/24/10 – New Bumper Caps Available!

Deco/Daisey Domed “50 Points Spin” for games like Gottlieb® Flipper Cowboy!

We have over 1,000 variations of Bumper Caps listed on our webpage!

01/13/10 – New Bumper Caps Available!

Deco/Daisey “HorseHead” for games like Gottlieb® Thoro Bred and Foto Finish

We have over 1,000 variations of Bumper Caps listed on our webpage!

09/24/09 – Complete Reproduction Gottlieb® Lockdown Bars for games 1960 Flipper – 1966 Dancing Lady!

See all of our Lockdown Bars!

08/26/09 – Many New Reproduction Gottlieb® Tray Liners For Wood Rails Now Available!

See complete list!

08/13/09 – New Bumper Cap Available!

Deco/Daisey “40 Points Spin When Lit” for games like Gottlieb® World Fair
Deco/Daisey “Horseshoe” for games like Gottlieb® Bonanza, Kewpie Doll
Deco/Daisey “Rifle” for games like Gottlieb® Frontiersman, Kewpie Doll

We have over 1,000 variations of Bumper Caps listed on our webpage!

11/06/08 – New Book Offered:

The Pinball CompendiumElectro-Mechanical Era
(With Price Guide)
By Michael Scalhoub

The Fourth books from Michael. Includes over 1,000 color photo's. Covers games from 1930's to the 1970's

The book sells for $69.99!

10/10/08 – Curious About The Pinball Resource?

Did you know that Gameroom Magazine published an article on The Pinball Resource in 2002? With Gameroom Magazine permission, you can now read the artcile and get some insight on Steve Young's The Pinball Resource.

09/05/08 – Gottlieb® Royal Flush/Card Whiz Plastic Set Now Available!

Driven by customer requests, we have remade the Gottlieb® Royal Flush / Card Whiz plastic set. It's a complete set of playfield plastics, part GTB-C15645A $63.02

06/20/08 – Replacement Bumper Cap for Allied Leisure and Fascination Games!

Red Sunburst “100 Points” in Black Writitng $6.00ea

We have over 1,000 variations of Bumper Caps listed on our webpage!

06/17/08 – New Bumper Cap Available!

3 New Style Bumper Caps Now Offered!

Sunburst “100 or 1000 Points When Lit”
Deco/Daisey “Bow Tie And Button” for games like Spot-A-Card
Deco/Daisey “Pool Cues and Rack” for games like Roto Pool

We have over 1,000 variations of Bumper Caps listed on our webpage!

04/24/08 – Gottlieb®/Premier Commonly Requested Ramps, Parts, Assemblies, and Molded Parts Now Listed!

Gottlieb® Commonly Requested Ramps, Parts, Assemblies, and Molded Parts!

10/12/07 – Gottlieb® Large Points Switches for “AG” Relay Now Available!

Driven by customer requests, we have made the Large Point Switches for Gottlieb® E/M ”AG” Relay stack.

GTB-B5365 Make with Large Points $2.50ea
GTB-B5367 Break with Large Points $2.50ea

We have most of the small point switches, housings, springs, and coils in stock for these “AG” Relays.

09/20/07 – Spring Kits for E/M Pinball Games!

We have created Spring Kits for E/M games. This is a grouping of the commonly requested springs for Step Units, Score Units, and Roto Target Units. We have made these kits for Williams and Gottlieb® E/M games. These come with documentation on exactly which springs to replace.

Click to see our Spring Kit Webpage!

8/16/07 – Williams Replacement Coin Entry Plates

Now Available – Replacement William Coin Entry Plates for games from ~1966 Big Strike -1985 Sorcerer . These have the countersunk entrance! *Note- Graphics match originals, but do not include part number which was not visible when properly installed. When installed, part appears identical to the original.

8/8/07 – New Sunburst Bumper Cap Available!

Stern Red Sun with Black Bowling Pin Bumper Cap. These can be used as a substitute for Memory Lane!
These have been added to our Caps Webpage for Pop Bumpers, Thumper Bumpers, and Jet Bumpers!

We have over 1,000 variations of Bumper Caps listed on our webpage!

7/19/07 – New Signature Deco and Daisey Dome Top “2 Points When Lit” Caps

These have been added to our Caps Webpage for Pop Bumpers, Thumper Bumpers, and Jet Bumpers!

5/08/07 – Now Available !

Bally Unique Hot-Stamped Caps and Drop Targets manufactured under license from Williams Electronic Games, Inc. in conjunction with Illinois Pin Ball Co.

4/11/07 – 1” Rivet “Cross Hair” Target Face Gottlieb® Raven

Gottlieb® Raven owners rejoice! Cross Hair stand-up target faces were originally designed to go on Raven. They never made the production game! They can be seen on the game flyer! We have found the original mold and have made these available for owner who want their game to look like it was designed to look!

These can be seen on our Tools webpage (Along with our other Stand-up Target faces)!

4/11/07 – New Signature Deco and Daisey Dome Top “1 Point When Lit” Caps

These have been added to our Caps Webpage for Pop Bumpers, Thumper Bumpers, and Jet Bumpers!

2/2/07 – New Signature Deco and Daisey Domed Letter “N” Bumper Caps

These have been added to our Caps Webpage for Pop Bumpers, Thumper Bumpers, and Jet Bumpers! These will makes complete bumper caps sets available for games like Gottlieb® Chinatown!

1/31/07 – Bumper Caps GTB-A11426 Now Available with Gold Printing!

Driven by customer requests, we are now offering the GTB-A11426 Bumper Caps in Gold! These were used in Gottlieb® games like Drop-A-Card and Pop-A-Card. These have been added to our Caps Webpage for Pop Bumpers, Thumper Bumpers, and Jet Bumpers!

1/24/07 – Anodized and Natural Mini Posts Back in Stock!

Red Anodized Mini Post – Part #GTB-A5745A $2.72ea
Natural Mini Post – Part#WLL-2A-2945A $2.72ea (Ref Assembly with Tee Rubber #A6304)

Used on 1960's and early 1970's games!

12/26/06 – Daisey Bumper Caps Now Available with Black Daisey Ring!

These have been added to our Caps Webpage for Pop Bumpers, Thumper Bumpers, and Jet Bumpers!

11/14/06 –Hot Stamped Single Side Rollover Guides “10 Points” - Now Available!

We have reproduced the Hot Stamped rollover guides used in games like Paradise, Pleasure Isle, and Hawaiian Isle. These are sold in pairs, a Yellow and Red with blue hot stamping of “10 Points”. These can be seen on our Rollover Guide webpage.

10/31/06 –2” Round Top White Flipper Plastics with Screw Hole with “Flipper” in Red - Now Available!

We have reproduced the 2Round Top White Flipper Plastics with Screw Hole and “Flipper” in Red, used in pinball games from the 1950's-1960's.
These are Hot Stamped, part #GTB-A5094-5WR, $14.00 Per Pair.

Click here to see our selection of flippers!

10/24/06 – Replacement Transparent Orange Rollover Buttons

These were used on Older Stern and Williams 70's games! These can be seen on our Rollover Button webpage!

10/10/06 – New Signature Deco and Daisey Slant Top “50 Points” Caps

These have been added to our Caps Webpage for Pop Bumpers, Thumper Bumpers, and Jet Bumpers!

08/30/06 – - First Time Repro : Gottlieb® Plastic Hole Covers for Ball Hole Kickers!

White #GTB-A945W
Red #GTB-A945R
Green #GTB-A945G
Yellow #GTB-A945Y

These can also be used to replace some of the other manufacturers Hole Covers. Please click the part number above to validate that your Hole Cover matches the picture!

These are $2.28ea!

07/28/06 –2” Round Top White Flipper Plastics with Screw Hole with “Flipper” printed vertically - Now Available!

We have reproduced the 2Round Top White Flipper Plastics with Screw Hole and “Flipper” printed vertically, used in pinball games from the 1950's-1960's. These are Hot Stamped in blue, part #GTB-A5093A, $8.00ea.

Click here to see our selection of flippers!

07/19/06 – New Signature Deco and Daisey Domed Top Bumper Caps Now Available!

The following caps were added to our Signature bumper caps:
10 OR 100 Points When Lit
Top Hat (Sky Line)
These have been added to our Caps Webpage
for Pop Bumpers, Thumper Bumpers, and Jet Bumpers!

07/7/06 – New Signature Deco and Daisey Slant Top Bumper Caps Now Available!

The following caps were added to our Signature bumper caps:
10 OR 100 Points When Lit
1 Point
5 Points
5 Points Spin
50 Points Spin

These have been added to our Caps Webpage for Pop Bumpers, Thumper Bumpers, and Jet Bumpers!

06/8/06 – New Signature Deco and Daisey Bumper Caps Now Available!

The following caps were added to our Signature bumper caps:
Red Domed “POP” in white or blue ink for games like Dragonette!

These have been added to our Caps Webpage
for Pop Bumpers, Thumper Bumpers, and Jet Bumpers!

04/12/06 – New Clown / Joker Target Face & Rivet!

We have added the Clown Face / Joker Face to our expanding line of 70's Gottlieb®'s Target faces. These were used in games like Royal Flush And Card Whiz. These target faces and rivets are $4.00ea.

03/21/06 – New Signature Deco and Daisey Bumper Caps Now Available!

The following caps were added to our Signature bumper caps:
“Scores 10 When Lit” In Red
“Points 50 When Lit”

These have been added to our Caps Webpage
for Pop Bumpers, Thumper Bumpers, and Jet Bumpers!

03/17/06 – New Signature Deco and Daisey Bumper Caps Now Available!

The following caps were added to our Signature bumper caps:
“50,000 When Lit” In Red

These have been added to our Caps Webpage
for Pop Bumpers, Thumper Bumpers, and Jet Bumpers!

03/14/06 –2” Round Top Red Flipper Plastics with Screw Hole In Stock!

We have reproduced the 2Round Top Red Flipper Plastics with Screw Hole used in pinball games from the 1940's-1960's. These are available blank or Hot Stamped in white or blue!

Click here to see our selection of 2” flipper reproductions !

03/10/06 – Old Style Rollover Guides In Transparent Blue Now Available!

We have reproduced the Old Style Rollover Guides used by all pinball companies from the mid 50's through the mid 60's. We have now added Transparent Blue ones to our existing colors! These also enhance the older Bally games to let more Blue light shine through the rollover guides!

These are $2.50ea and can be seen on our Rollover Guides Webpage!

03/07/06 – New Signature Deco and Daisey Bumper Caps Now Available!

The following caps were added to our Signature bumper caps:
“1 Point”
“10 Points”
“Points 10 When Lit” in Green Ink

These have been added to our Caps Webpage for Pop Bumpers, Thumper Bumpers, and Jet Bumpers!

08/23/05 – IPB Parts Now In Stock

20-10578 Pinball 2000 PC Power Supply $46.21ea

07/06/05 –Now Available – Stern Sunburst Star Bumper Caps:

We now have replacement Sunburst Star bumper caps for older Stern games. These are $6.00ea

6/15/05 – Stern Dracula and Magic Replacement Caps Now Available

We now have replacement bumper caps for Stern's Dracula and Magic. These are $6.00ea. Please see our Caps webpage for additional bumper caps we offer!

06/14/05 – Gottlieb® #A1309A Rebound Bracket Reproduced

We have reproduced another Signature part, the Gottlieb® Rebound Bracket! These will fit Gottlieb® games from 1948 to the end of Gottlieb® production. These are Nickel plated like most of our Gottlieb® Reproduction parts!
These may work on Williams, Stern, or Bally games, look at the mounting bracket to be sure!
These are part #A1309A and are $11.50ea

6/06/05 – Stern Meteor Replacement Caps Now Available

We now have replacement Yellow Deco Slant Top Dead Bumper caps For Meteor, These are $6.00ea

05/03/05 – Signature Slick Chick Bumper Caps Now Available

Driven by customer requests, we have made the Gottlieb® Slick Chick Bumper caps. These can be bought individually or as a set. Another Pinball Resource Signature part! These are $12.00 Per Cap or set for $97.20(After Discount).

11/11/04 –Repro Gottlieb® Stargate Ball Save Gate #31271

Repro Deflector, Cam Unit for Gottlieb®'s Stargate Now Available
#31271 $6.96ea

Will also work with Barb Wire #31740 Ball Deflector with modification!

10/22/04 – Signature Deco and Daisey Bumper Caps Now Available:

We are now offering replacement Deco and Daisey Caps for Pop Bumpers, Thumper Bumpers, and Jet Bumpers!

10/14/04 – Flipper Rebuild Kits Now Available

We are now offering Flipper Rebuild Kits for your Bally, Gottlieb®, & Williams pinball machines.

08/31/04 –New Beehive Shooter Housings

Repro Beehive Shooter Housings
Red #GTB-48RA $7.60ea
White #GTB-48WA $7.60ea

06/15/04 – In Stock:

Gottlieb® Repro Fast Draw / Quick Draw Plastics Sets #C15864A now in stock, $80.00

06/10/04 – In Stock:

Gottlieb® Repro Jumping Jack / Jack-in-the-Box Plastic Sets #C14483A now in stock, $71.84

05/19/04 – Repro Gottlieb® Arch Stick Protectors

Gottlieb® Arch Stick Protectors is the small plate located on right rail near ball shooter. Fits games from King Of Diamonds through early electronics. Part #A-9933 $7.65ea

11/21/03 - In Stock:

Replacement for 20-9718 Wing Bolt now in stock.
Thumb Screw w/washer 20-9718E $1.90

10/06/03 - First Time Repro (Enhanced Durability):

Williams 60's, 70's Flipper Lever Arm
- Right A-4962R-E $8.85
- Left A-4962L-E $8.85


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