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Drop Targets

All of our drop targets listed below are hot-stamped (unless otherwise noted) and are either NOS or replacement parts, hot-stamped with the original tooling and dies, whenever possible. These replacement parts are hot-stamped in methods faithful to the original factory parts, done to meet or exceed the original specifications!

To ensure the best color match of the drop targets, we recommend purchasing/replacing all of the drop target in a bank at the same time.

This is only a small sampling of our stocked drop targets, don't see yours, contact us!
*All Targets and Stampings done in U.S.A.*

Gottlieb® Drop and Dip Targets have moved to Listing By Game


Bally Licensed

Bally Tombstone


Gottlieb® Dip Targets


Stern /Sega /Data East


Replacement Drop Targets For Bally

Blank Drop Targets -
Available in
Black $4.00ea
Blue $4.00ea
Green $4.00ea
Red $3.00
White $3.00ea
Yellow $3.00ea

Eight Ball Deluxe Set $48.00

BullsEye” Drop Targets $4.00ea
White DT with Red “Bullseye”
White DT with Blue “Bullseye”
Black DT with Gold “Bullseye”

Explosion” Drop Targets $4.00ea
White DT with Red “Explosion”
Yellow DT with Red “Explosion”

Pool Rack” Drop Targets $4.00ea
Yellow DT with Black “Pool Rack”

Note” Drop Targets $4.00ea
White DT with Black “Note”

Star” Drop Targets $4.00ea
White DT with Blue “Star”

Star/Lines” Drop Targets $4.00ea
White DT with Blue/Lines “Star”

Numbers” Drop Targets $4.00ea
Available in Numbers 1, 2, 3, and 10
Red DT with Gold “Numbers”
White DT with Black “Numbers”

Wheel” Drop Targets
White DT with Gold “Wheel” $4.00ea
White DT with Black “Wheel” $4.00ea
Blue DT with Silver “Wheel” $5.00ea
Black DT with Silver “Wheel” $4.00ea

Sprocket” Drop Targets $5.00ea
Blue DT with White “Sprocket”

HorseShoe” Drop Targets $4.00ea
White DT with Black “Horseshoe”
Yellow DT with Black “Horseshoe”

Multipliers” Drop Targets
Available in Multipliers 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X, and 6X
White DT with Black “Multiplier” $4.00ea
Yellow DT with Red “Multiplier” $4.00ea
Yellow DT with Black “Multiplier”$4.00ea
Green DT with Silver “Multiplier”$5.00ea
Blue DT with Silver “Multiplier” $5.00ea

Letter” Drop Targets $4.00ea
Available in Letters A, B, J, K, O, R, Q, X, Y, Z, and S
White DT with Black “Letters”
Yellow DT with Black “Letters”

Lightning Bolt” Drop Targets $4.00ea
White DT with Black “Lightning Bolt”
Yellow DT with Red “Lightning Bolt”

Cross Hairs” Drop Targets $4.00ea
White DT with Black “Cross Hairs”

Stern Drop Target 1977-84

Our Stern replacement drop targets are wider on the top than the originals, thus you would have to replace all of the drop targets in the same bank. These are all white drop targets.

Blank Drop Target $3.00ea

S” Color Drop Target $4.00ea
S” In Yellow
“S” In Black
“S” In Green
“S” In Red
“S” In Blue

Star”Color Drop Target $4.00ea
“Star” In Red
“Star” In Blue
“Star” In Green
“Star” In Black
“Star” In Yellow

Number” # Drop Target $4.00ea
Number” In 1
“Number” In 2
“Number” In 3
“Number” In 4
“Number” In 5

“S-Box” Drop Target
“S-Box” in Red
“S-Box” in Blue

Circle” Color Drop Target $4.00ea
Circle In Blue

Hot Hand “Card” Drop Target $5.00ea
“A” In Red
“10” In Black
“J” In Black
“Q” In Black
“K” In Black

Meteor Drop Targets(Hot Stamped)
METEOR Set of 6 $24.00
111 Set of 3 $12.00
222 Set of 3 $12.00
333 Set of 3 $12.00

Data East / Sega / Stern
Drop Targets

545-5048-01 White Drop Target (Pictured on Left) $2.60ea

545-5533-01 Rollover White Drop Target $3.78ea

545-6162-00 Black Drop Target $2.88ea

545-6102-01 White Rollover Drop Target
“Black Dot” $3.36ea (Pictured on Right)

Replacement Drop Targets For Williams

WLL-03-8749 Black Drop Target $4.00ea
WLL-03-8750 Wide Top Black Drop Target - $3.74ea

BLY-C947-1 Replacement Red Drop Target Face with Rivets used on Williams, Bally, And Old Stern E/M games(No Graphics) Out Of Stock

W-3A743104518 Out of Stock

Bally Unique Hot-Stamped Drop Targets
Manufactured under license from Williams Electronic Games, Inc. in conjunction with Illinois Pin Ball Co..

BABY PACMAN /Red Ghost- $4.00ea
BABY PACMAN/Swirling Star - $4.00ea
BLACK BELT/Ying-Yang Symbol - $4.00ea
CYBERNAUT/Helmeted Warrior - $4.00ea
DUNGEONS & DRAGONS/Swirling Stars - $4.00ea
Eight Ball Deluxe $48.00Per Set
ESCAPE FROM THE LOST WORLD/Hatching Egg - $4.00ea
FATHOM/Fish Tail – Blue/Green - $5.00ea
FIREBALL II/Devil - $4.00ea
FLASH GORDON/Warrior - $4.00ea
FRONTIER/Bear's Face - $4.00ea
HARDBODY/Dumbbell - $4.00ea
MEDUSA/Medusa Face- Red/White - $4.00ea
MR and MRS PACMAN/Ghost - $4.00ea
PARAGON/Boar's Head $4.00ea
SKATEBALL/Skateboarder - $4.00ea
SPACE INVADERS/Spider's Web - $4.00ea
SPECIAL FORCES/Tank - $4.00ea
SPECIAL FORCES/Soldier - $4.00ea
SPY HUNTER/Car $4.00ea
VECTOR/Vectorman's Head - $4.00ea
VIKING/Sword and Shield - $4.00ea

Bally Hot-Stamped Style Tombstone Drop Targets
Manufactured in unison with Illinois Pin Ball Co.! IPB allowed us to use their molds to make these drop targets that you, the customers, requested!

Tombstone Style Drop Targets were used in Bally games from 1975. Tombstone style changed to Hooded style with the beginning of In-Line Drop Targets(Paragon). These are considered Tombstone since there is no hood on the top of the drop target!

Bally Tombstone Red Bullseye Drop Target $4.00ea
Bally Tombstone Blue Bullseye Drop Target $4.00ea
Bally Tombstone Red Explosion Drop Target $4.00ea
Bally Tombstone Black Cross Hairs Drop Target $4.00ea


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