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How To Order From The Pinball Resource.

The Pinball Resource looks forward to serving you. We work hard at simplicity but we do have a few hints on the best ways to reach us and some guidelines that will keep things in order.

Different people here handle different communication methods. Thus the person answering Emails is not the same person who handles the phone or fax inquiries/orders. We ask that you don't mix communication methods within the same order/inquiry to avoid a possible duplicate shipment and eliminate duplicate work needing to be done here.

-If contacting us by Email, see here:
-If contacting us via the telephone or fax., see here:

Email Communications
1) We store our Parts by Company/Part Number – see the GameRoom Magazine Article for what our facility looks like.
When contacting us, please be sure to tell us What
Manufacturer / Game Name you are working on. (these are the largest names on the backglass).

2) Please send the
Part Number/Description of the part you need/want. Please Don't send us any pictures or attachments. If we need a picture, we will ask for one.
*Note: We love looking at Pinball Pictures, but we are unable to supply parts via a picture(see Gameroom Magazine article listed above for how our parts are stored). Pictures will delay our Email response to you.
Part numbers can be found in your game manual, game schematic, parts catalog, and some are listed on our website.

3) We try to reply to all emails within 24 hours. We don't answer Emails on weekends. Emails received over a weekend will be responded to on Monday. Monday may be a very busy email day, so please give us a chance to sort though the debris of the weekend activity.

4) We ask that all First Time Email orders be Pre-paid.

5) On all Email orders, please include your full name, mailing address, daytime telephone number, country, and account number.

Telephone/Fax Communications
1) Key to us is, ''Is this your first order with The Pinball Resource?'' If you are an returning customer, you already know the process, (Brownie points if you include your customer #. We have no minimum order; your use of account number helps make this work).

2) First order? We have a courtesy credit limit for phone orders until your account is officially opened of roughly $50.00. Want more? COD or prepay is easy to do. When payment for first invoice has been received, accounts with sufficient experience will be shipped with invoice. First time Internet orders need still need pre-payment of first order from dollar one.

3) A good way to get started is to order a game manual, Ring Kit, or cleaner and get the invoice paid to establish the account.

4) We don't accept credit cards or on-line-payments. Once account is established, we ship an invoice with your order and expect payment within 10 days. As payment, we accept Money Orders, Cashier Checks, Cash, Personal Checks(All checks USD on US Bank), and wire transfers (expensive).
Canadian checks have to be cleared in the US at a cost of $13.00. They also must have "US Funds" preprinted on the check. Please use Canadian checks as a last resort and AFTER communicating with us to get our OK.

5) Everyone hates part numbers (except us) but they are a fact of life. Nothing leaves here that can't be identified on an invoice; so, the fastest/easiest way to a part number is what we would collectively like (we are all on the same team!).
Game Name/ Part # /Description/Quantity of the part and game are almost always needed.
Some Examples: Williams /Twilight Zone/03-8833/Clock Housing/1 (We realize this is not always possible for earlier games). We ask for both part number and description to help avoid errors (yours and ours). If you order clock housing 01-...., we know there is a mis-match because 01 are stamped parts and 03 are molded parts for Williams.

6) If you are calling looking for a part that is not in the manual or not specifically defined in the manual, it's helpful to call us while with your pinball machine. This way we can work with you on the description of the part and you can answer more detailed questions. This helps to ensure that the part you receive is the part that you really want. We would rather put extra effort into getting correct part the first time rather than to spend time correcting errors.

7) We are a mail order company and pride ourselves by making sure your order is delivered within a few days. We process your orders over the phone, fax, and via email, and then ship out your order via the best delivery method. We are not equipped with counter service for walk in customers, but can arrange pickup by appointment for unusual circumstances. If you have any special shipping requirements, just let us know. Recent postal increases and limitations on certain commodities in the mail have forced us to ground UPS which may take longer. Our standard shipping methods are: Domestic – US Mail or UPS – International – US Mail Airmail unless we collectively decide on a courier (this is due to expense of custom clearances). We are very mindful of the expense of shipping. We will try to guide you as to method and carrier to minimize the expense.

8) Due to shipping restrictions, cleaners, polishes, waxes, or any liquid must be shipped via UPS; we will need a physical address.

9) The best way to reach us is via phone, (845) 473-7114.
Our Phone hours are 9:00 AM through 6:00 PM EST.
next best - fax (845) 473-7116
last - email PBR@pbresource.com

10) When ordering through email, please provide the following:
Customer Number
Complete Address (No PO Box for Fluids)
Phone Number
Best time or way to reach you in-case there is a problem with your order.
All EMAIL Orders are Confirmed-If you don't receive confirmation, please re-send, but warn us that you are duplicating ordering and why! When we are busy, we can only check email once in a 24 hour period. Please figure this into your expectation. Also, please avoid multiple methods on the same order, it causes confusion when we try to match emails with faxes with phone calls to try to catch a package. Because of our rapid order fulfillment, it is often difficult to catch an emailed order with an amendment (by any method).

International Orders
International orders are welcome and we ship anywhere. These orders, however, are much more complex, especially as a first time order, due to cost of figuring shipping order (many times we have to prepare the order just to get weight to provide quote)... so, please allow us more time to respond to your inquiry. Response time for repeat international orders is much faster.


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