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Facetted Posts

Finned / Ribbed Posts

Jewelled / Starred Posts

The Differences between Facetted, Finned, and Starred Posts!

Minipost Posts

Narrow Posts

Unique Posts

Facetted Posts



Part Number / Price

C11561W Shown

1 “Facetted Post
Fits over #6 Posts

Offered in:

Opaque White C11561W
Transparent Red C11561CR
Transparent/Clear C11561C
Transparent Amber C11561Y
Transparent Dark Blue C11561CB

C11561W $0.50ea

C11561CR $0.62ea

C11561C $0.50ea

C11561Y $0.89ea

C11561CB $0.70ea

C11562CR Shown

1 -3/16“Facetted Post
Fits over #6 Posts

Offered in:

Opaque White C11562W
Transparent Red C11562CR
Transparent/Clear C11562C
Transparent Amber C11562Y
Transparent Dark Blue C11562CB

C11562W $0.50ea

C11562CR $0.50ea

C11562C $0.50ea

C11562Y $0.98ea

C11562CB -$0.70ea

C17492CR Shown

Siamese Facetted Post
Fits over #6 Posts

Offered in:

Opaque White -
Out Of Stock

Transparent Red C17492CR
Transparent/Clear C17492C


Finned / Ribbed Posts

C951-1 Shown

1” Finned Posts
Fits over #6 Posts

Offered in:

Transparent Red C951-1
Transparent Blue C951-2


C952-2 Shown

1-3/16” Finned Posts
Fits over #6 Posts

Offered in:

Transparent Red C952-1
Transparent Blue C952-2


Jewelled / Starred Posts

03-8319-9 Shown

1-1/16” Jewelled Posts
Fits over #8 Posts

Williams/Bally Offered in:

Opaque Black 03-8319-7
Transparent Amber 03-8319-8
Transparent Red 03-8319-9
Transparent Blue 03-8319-10
Transparent Orange 03-8319-12
Transparent Clear 03-8319-13
Transparent Yellow 03-8319-16
Transparent Purple 03-8319-18
Transparent Teal 03-8319-2

03-8319-7 $0.60ea
03-8319-8 $0.60ea
03-8319-9 $0.62ea
03-8319-10 $0.77ea
03-8319-12 $0.50ea
03-8319-13 $0.99ea
03-8319-16 $0.77ea
03-8319-18 $0.72ea
03-8319-25 $0.65ea

550-5034-04 Shown

1-1/32” Jewelled Posts
Fits over #8 Posts

Data East / Sega / Stern Offered in:
Transparent Green 550-5034-02
(Reference 545-5013-04)

All of the above posts are
PBR Stock Only, Limited Quantities!

550-5034-02 $0.50ea

03-8247-13 Shown

1-1/16” Double Star Jewelled Posts
Fits over #8 Posts

Williams/Bally Offered in:

Black 03-8247-7

Transparent Red 03-8247-9
Transparent Orange 03-8247-12
Transparent Clear 03-8247-13
Transparent Purple 03-8247-18
Transparent Green 03-8247-25
Transparent Light Blue 03-8247-30

03-8247-7 Out of Stock

03-8247-9 Out of Stock
03-8247-12 Out of Stock
03-8247-13 $0.50ea
03-8247-18 Out of Stock
03-8247-25 Out of Stock
03-8247-30 Out Of Stock

Minipost Posts

03-8044-13 Shown

Fits over #6 Screws

Williams/Bally Offered in:
Transparent Red 03-8044-9
Transparent Orange 03-8044-12
Transparent Clear 03-8044-13
Substitute for Stern 550-5052-01)

03-8044-9 $0.84ea
03-8044-12 $0.64ea
03-8044-13 $0.64ea

Narrow Posts

03-8365-12 Shown

1-1/16” Narrow Posts
Fits over #8 Posts

Williams/Bally Offered in:

Opaque Black 03-8365-7
Transparent Amber 03-8365-8
Transparent Red 03-8365-9
Transparent Blue 03-8365-10
Transparent Orange 03-8365-12
Transparent Clear 03-8365-13
Transparent Yellow 03-8365-16
Transparent Purple 03-8365-18
Transparent Light Blue 03-8365-30

03-8365-7 -Out Of Stock
03-8365-8 $1.30ea
03-8365-9 $1.30ea
03-8365-10 $1.30ea
03-8365-12 $1.30ea
03-8365-13 $1.30ea
03-8365-16 $1.30ea
03-8365-18 $1.30ea
03-8365-30 $0.50ea

Unique Posts

20635R Shown

Gottlieb® 1” Support Posts
Fits over #6 Posts
*Repro Parts*

Transparent Clear 20635C
Transparent Red 20635R

20635C $0.80ea
20635R $0.80ea

Gottlieb® Arch Rod End Post & Post Cap & Arch Rod

Arch Rod End Post

Post Caps

Arch Rod

B19873 $2.00ea
B19874 $1.20ea
B19875 $1.00ea

Gottlieb® 1-13/16” Illuminated Posts

21253 $1.65ea

Gottlieb® White Split Playfield Posts
Fits over #6 Posts

Post Cap #A14488
Post Base #A14487

A14488 $0.53ea
A14487 $0.53ea

Bally/Williams/Data East/Sega/Stern PlayMore/Bumper Post

Red #550-5029-02
Orange/Amber Bally #C810
(Orange/Amber is the same Play-More Post as used on Williams 3A-7257, 03-7257, and 03-7257-12)

Red DE-550-5029-02 Out of Stock

Orange/Amber BLY-C810 $1.95ea

Differences between Facetted, Finned, and Jewelled Posts

Facetted Posts

Finned Posts

Jewelled Posts

Facetted Posts get their name from the flats (Triangle) cut that you see like a diamond!

Used on Bally, Chicago Coin, Gottlieb®, and Old Stern Games.

Finned Post have horizontal lines.
Called Ribbed posts by some!

Used on Bally,
Old Stern, and Williams games

Jewelled Posts has raised edges. Called Star / Starred post by some!

Used on Bally/Williams and Data East, Sega and Stern games!


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