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Locks for Coin Doors, Backboxes, and Rear Doors for Coin Op Games and Pinball Machines!

Our standard Locks are sold by the length of their shaft! Click on any of the thumbnails below to see how the shaft is measured!



Part Number / Price

Lock 7/8”

Our 7/8” locks are used on all coins doors and some backboxes.

Our 7/8” locks are all keyed alike with
Key 1382.

Lock $6.93ea

Lock 1-1/8”

Our 1-1/8” locks are used on some backboxes and rear doors.

Lock-118 $5.35ea

Lock 5/8”

Our 5/8” locks are used on some backboxes, mostly on newer 90's Gottlieb@ and Williams/Bally games. None of these locks are keyed alike!

Associated Part -Lock Mounting Plate for Backbox #01-9519E (Used on Williams/Bally/Gottlieb® 90's Games)

Lock-58 $6.54ea

WLL-01-9519E $3.06ea

GTB-23882 Shown

GTB-25660 Shown

GTB-25922 Shown

GTB-26595 Shown

GTB-27137 Shown

Gottlieb® Specific Cams

Listed below are some of the unique Cams Gottlieb® used over the years.
*Click on the individual thumbnail picture to see a bigger picture*

GTB-23882 Out of Stock

GTB-25660 Out of Stock

GTB-25922 Out of Stock

GTB-26595 Out of Stock

GTB-27137 Out of Stock

DE-355-5008-00 Shown

DE-355-5018-02 Shown

DE-355-5055-00 Shown

Locks For Data East / Sega / Stern Pinball

We offer a variety of Stern locks. If we don't have the lock in stock, we can order any lock for you that Stern offers. Listed below are a few of the Stern locks:(Some may be Special order-Prices will vary if it's a Special Order!). Suggest reviewing your Data East/Sega/Stern Game Manual to see what lock your game takes!

DE-355-5008-00 Out Of Stock

DE-355-5018-02 Out Of Stock

DE-355-5055-00 Out of Stock


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