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Rubber Lamp Sleeves/Condoms

These full size rubber condoms/sleeves fit over #44/#47/#555 Lamps.

Blue WLL-03-8063-1
Williams/Bally 03-8063-1
Gottlieb® 24875W
Data East/Sega/Stern 545-5014- 05

Green WLL-03-8063-2
Williams/Bally 03-8063-2
Gottlieb® 24875S
Data East/Sega/Stern 545-5014- 04

Red WLL-03-8063-4
Williams/Bally 03-8063-4
Gottlieb® 24875U
Data East/Sega/Stern 545-5014- 02

White WLL-03-8063-5
Williams/Bally 03-8063-5
Data East/Sega/Stern 545-5014- 08

Yellow WLL-03-8063-6
Color is more of a Straw/Light Shade of Yellow!
Williams/Bally 03-8063-6
Gottlieb® 24875T
Data East/Sega/Stern 545-5014- 06

Orange DE-545-5014-07
(Not Shown)
Data East/Sega/Stern 545-5014- 07

WLL-03-8063-1 Blue $0.70ea

WLL-03-8063-2 Green $0.70ea

WLL-03-8063-4 Red $0.70ea

WLL-03-8063-5 White -Out of Stock

WLL-03-8063-6 Yellow
Out of Stock

DE-545-5014-07 Orange Out of Stock

Hard Plastics Lamp Sleeve/Shade

These are hard plastic lamp sleeve/shade. They are 1-1/2” long and can be cut to the desired length.

Bally Part Number C615

GTB-24410N+ Amber $0.75ea

GTB-24410S Green $0.75a

GTB-24410U+ Red $0.75ea

GTB-24410W Blue $0.75ea

GTB-24410T+ Yellow $0.75ea

Domes / Mini Domes / Mini Mars

Small Mini Dome / Hats

Blue GTB-26293W
Williams/Bally 03-8662-10
Gottlieb® 26293W

Clear GTB-26293P
Williams/Bally 03-8662-13
Gottlieb® 26293P
Data East/Sega/Stern 550-5032-01

Yellow GTB-26293T
Williams/Bally 03-8662-16
Gottlieb® 26293T
Data East/Sega/Stern 550-5032-06

Red GTB-26293U
Williams/Bally 03-8662-9
Gottlieb® 26293U
Data East/Sega/Stern 550-5032-02

GTB-26293W Blue $0.80ea

GTB-26293P Clear $0.80ea

GTB-26293T Yellow $0.80ea

GTB-26293U Red $0.80ea

Mini Domes / Domes /
Mini Mars
With Screw Tabs”

Blue GTB-25147W
Williams/Bally 03-8149-10
Gottlieb® 25147W
Data East/Sega/Stern 550-5031-05
Data East/Sega/Stern 545-5004-05
Data East/Sega/Stern 545-5004-33

Yellow GTB-25147T
Williams/Bally 03-8149-16
Gottlieb® 25147T
Data East/Sega/Stern 550-5031-06
Data East/Sega/Stern 545-5004-06
Data East/Sega/Stern 545-5004-85

Clear GTB-25147P
Williams/Bally 03-8149-13
Gottlieb® 25147P
Data East/Sega/Stern 550-5031-01
Data East/Sega/Stern 545-5004-01
Data East/Sega/Stern 545-5004-46

Red GTB-25147U
Williams/Bally 03-8149-9
Gottlieb® 25147U
Data East/Sega/Stern 550-5031-02

GTB-25147W Blue $1.35ea

GTB-25147T Yellow $1.35ea

GTB-25147P Clear $1.35ea

GTB-25147U Red $1.35ea

Mini Domes / Domes /
Mini Mars
“With Twist Lock / Snap In”

Williams/ Bally
Amber 03-8171-8
Red 03-8171-9
Blue 03-8171-10
Orange 03-8171-12
Clear 03-8171-13
Yellow 03-8171-16
Purple 03-8171-18
Teal 03-8171-26

Data East / Sega / Stern
Clear 550-5030-01
Red 550-5030-02
Green 550-5030-04
Blue 550-5030-05
Yellow 550-5030-06

Williams/ Bally
WLL-03-8171-8 $2.25ea
WLL-03-8171-9 $2.25ea
WLL-03-8171-10 $2.25ea
WLL-03-8171-12 $2.25ea
WLL-03-8171-13 $2.25ea
WLL-03-8171-16 $2.25ea
WLL-03-8171-18 $2.25ea
WLL-03-8171-26 $2.25ea

Data East / Sega / Stern
DE-550-5030-01 $5.74ea
DE-550-5030-02 $2.60ea
DE-550-5030-04 $1.60ea
DE-550-5030-05 $2.60ea
DE-550-5030-06 $1.76ea


03-9441-9 Shown

03-9441-18 Shown

Used on Williams/Bally Games

Red Globe 03-9441-9 – Used on Scared Stiff

Violet Globe 03-9441-18 – Used on Monster Bash

WLL-03-9441-9 Out Of Stock

WLL-03-944118 $6.38ea

Spotlight / Reflectors

Spotlight / Reflector
Used on Stern Games

DE-545-5409-01 $1.76ea

Spotlight / Reflector
Used on Gottlieb® Games like Tee'd Off and Big House
for #44/#47/#555 Lamps

GTB-25827 $2.00ea

Spotlight / Reflector Shield
Used on Gottlieb® Games like Barb Wire
for #44/#47/#555 Lamps

GTB-32197 $2.00ea

DMD/Display Covers

Gottlieb® System/1 – System/80 6 and 7 Digit Blue Display Covers

Used on games like Black Hole!

GTB-21399W Out Of Stock

Gottlieb® System/80B Green Display Covers

Used on games that use a MA644 Display like Amazon Hunt II, Arena, Bounty Hunter, Chicago Cubs, Diamond Lady, Genesis, Gold Wings, Hollywood Heat, Monte Carlo, Raven, Robo-Wars, Rock, Rock Encore, Spring Break, Tag Team, TX_Sector, and Victory that uses a Green Display Cover.

These are 4” X 10-1/2”

GTB-26135S $3.00ea

Gottlieb® Dot Matrix Display ( DMD) System/3 Red Display Covers

Used on games like Rescue 911!
These are 14” X 4”

GTB-30189U Out Of Stock

Gottlieb® Dot Matrix Display ( DMD) System/3 Amber Display Covers

Used on games like World Challenge Soccer!
These are 14” X 4-1/2.”

GTB-30189N $3.00ea


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