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Old Stern Later Flipper Parts.

B634-X Flipper Assembly

Flipper Plunger and Link Assembly

Flipper Plunger and Link Assemblies

STN-A633 -Not Currently Available

Flipper Link

Flipper Link
-Would provide substitute 4A-299

STN-4A299 $1.94ea

Compression Spring

Compression Spring
25A-1-4004 -Would provide as substitute 10-326+

WLL-10-326+ $0.55ea

Flipper Bushing

Flipper Bushings

STN-4A111-W2 $2.82ea

Coil Stop

Coil Stop

CCM-A186 -Out Of Stock

Left Hand Side Lever Arm

LHS Lever Arm -
A-632-L -Would supply substitute A191L

CCM-A191L $5.63ea

Right Hand Side Lever Arm

RHS Lever Arm
A-632-R -Would supply substitute A191R

CCM-A191R Out of Stock

Coil Sleeve

Coil Sleeve 4A-152

SLEEVE-WMS Standard $0.75ea

High Current EOS Switch

EOS Switch SW-294-B -Would provide substitute

DE-180-5018+ $5.74ea

EOS Form A Switch

If your game has more than two flippers, the Upper Flippers are probably powered by a EOS FORM A Switch. The EOS Form A Switch is SW-481, -We would provide substitute

BLY-ASWA1045+ $4.19ea

Lane Change Switch

If your game has a stacked EOS and the second EOS switch is low current switch, its probably a Lane Change Switch. This is the switch the moves the light for the A,B,C Lanes when the flipper button is pushed.

On a High Current switch, the contact is almost as wide as the blade, on a low current switch, the contact is about half the width of the blade.

We offer a substitute for the Lane Change Switch

WLL-SW1A-150+ $2.79ea

Right Flipper BasePlate


STN-1B572-R Out Of Stock

Left Flipper BasePlate


STN-1B572-L Out Of Stock

Coil Mounting Loop

1A-271 -Could only offer Used

STN-1A271 $2.10ea

Flipper Coils

Varies by game – see your game Manual/Schematic for which ones are used in your game.

Coils we offer are listed here.

Flipper Plastics and Flipper Rubber

Can be seen Here and Here


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