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Bally Flipper Rebuild Kit KT-BFLIP01 Detailed Listing of parts with non-kitted parts.

Parts Found in the Mini Kit

Parts Found in the Complete Kit

Parts Not Found in Kit

Bally Mini Kit Parts KT-BFLIP-01M

Flipper Plunger

2 Flipper Plungers S-496-167 included in Kit KT-BFLIP-01M

BLY-S496-167+ $3.03ea

Plunger Collar

2 Plunger Collars C-342 included in Kit KT-BFLIP-01M

BLY-C342+ $2.59ea

Roll Pin

2 Roll Pins HDW-ROLL-18 (Substitute for P-1637-1) included in Kit KT-BFLIP-01M

HDW-ROLL-18 $0.25ea

Compression Tapered Return Spring

2 Compression Tapered Return Springs SP-240 included in Kit

BLY-SP240+ $1.04ea

Coil Stop

2 Enhanced Coil Stops A-613-67
included in Kit KT-BFLIP-01M

BLY-A613-67+ $5.18ea

Flipper Bushing

2 Flipper Bushings C-649 included in Kit KT-BFLIP-01M

BLY-C649+ $2.79ea

Coil Sleeve

2 Coil Sleeves included in Kit


Spring Washer

2 Spring Washer FA605 (Substitute for P-1158-6)
included in Kit KT-BFLIP-01M

GTB-FA605+ $0.46ea

EOS Switch
(High Current)

2 End Of Stoke(EOS) Switches
180-5018(Substitute for ASW-A20-1) included in Kit KT-BFLIP-01M

DE-180-5018+ $5.74ea


4 Screws 8-32-1/4 included in Kit KT-BFLIP-01M

HDW-8-32-1/4 $0.25ea

Bally Complete Kit Parts KT-BFLIP-01
In Addition to the parts from the Mini kit listed above, the complete kit also includes the following

Right Hand Side Lever Assembly

1 Enhanced Right Hand Side Lever Assembly included A-1889-7

Includes 2 FA90 10-32 X 3/8” Socket Head Cap Screws -These screws are larger than the originals and will not work on original lever arms.

BLY-A1889-7+ $10.71ea

Left Hand Side Lever Assembly

1 Enhanced Left Hand Side Lever Assembly included A-1889-8

Includes 2 FA90 10-32 X 3/8” Socket Head Cap Screws -These screws are larger than the originals and will not work on original lever arms.

BLY-A1889-8+ $10.71ea

Allen Wrench

For the 4 FA90 10-32 X 3/8” Socket Head Cap Screws listed above included in Kit

Parts NOT Found in Kit

Flipper Coils

Varies by game – see your game Manual/Schematic for which ones are used in your game.

Coils we offer are listed here.

EOS Form A Switch

If your game has more than two flippers, the Upper Flippers are probably powered by a EOS FORM A Switch. Look at your game and see if your lower flippers have a stacked switch like AS-982-588.

The stacked switch is a sandwich of the DE-180-5018+ EOS switch listed above and this EOS FORM A Switch ASWA-10-45.

The ASWA-10-45 is a high current switch like the DE-180-5018+.

BLY-ASWA1045+ $4.19ea

Switch Mounting Bracket



BLY-P137-3 $0.60ea

Coil Bracket


BLY-P108-53 Out of Stock

Flipper Plastics and Shoe and Shaft Assemblies

Can be seen Here

Flipper Rubber

Can be seen Here


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