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Your 1ST Pinball

Welcome To The Pinball Resource Signature Page.

This page is devoted to some of the Signature collection of parts that The Pinball Resource has re-engineered and re-produced to exceed the original manufacturers specifications. Thus our consumer get a product that works correctly and will last a very long time! These have been listed here to inform you the customer of how we have been working to improve your Pinball hobby!

Williams/Bally Coil Stop

Coil stops for Williams/Bally games for 20 years were different parts for AC and DC coils. They were also a common part that had to be replaced due to wear. These were found in pinball machines from the 60's to the 80's. The Pinball Resource re-engineered a single coil stop (one for Williams and one for Bally's) for both AC and DC coils. The support bracket was strengthened by increasing the metal thickness, a copper sleeve was added, thicker cap, longer shafts, etc... The picture to the left shows the parts you receive from us!

Williams Coil Stop AC/DC WLL-A8143+ $4.50ea

Bally Coil Stop AC/DC BLY-A613-67+ $4.50ea

GTB-63A Shown

GTB-63B Shown

Ball Shooter Guage

Now available for your older games, our re-production Ball Shooter Guage. These came out even better than we expected, more durable, more colorful, and a perfect fit!

Red is for Gottlieb® Woodrail games prior to and including 1955. GTB-63A $35.00ea

Black is for Keeney and other brands.
GTB-63B $30.00ea

A4664A Shown

A9933A Shown

Arch Stick Protectors

Re-production for both Manual and Auto games

GTB-A4664A $5.78ea For Manual Ball Lift Gottlieb® Game
GTB-A9933A $7.65ea

Arch Ball Deflector

Gottlieb® re-production Arch Ball Deflector.

GTB-B3854A $15.72ea

Arch Hole Cover

Gottlieb® re-production Arch Hole Cover used on Gottlieb® Late 1940's - early 1950's Woodrails.This is found on the apron to the left of the left flipper. This Shinny part ships with a protective cover on the top, remove the protective covering before installing.

GTB-A2462+ $4.77ea

Roto Target Light Shade

Gottlieb® re-production Light Shade for Roto Target

GTB-A6615A $8.85ea

Beehive Shooter Housing

Reproduced for the older games that use a 3/8" I.D. Plunger Rod. These are available in either red or white and will put that finishing touch on those old restored games! These fit Gottlieb®, Gameplan, Chicago Coin and Stern Games.

Red Beehive #GTB-48RA $7.60ea
White Beehive #GTB-48WA $7.60ea

Deco And Daisey Bumper Caps

Trying to restore your game back to original look? Tired of the burnt spots in your caps! Not to good with a Sharpie?
The Pinball Resource has reproduced the most popular Deco and Daisey pop bumper, thumper bumper, and jet bumper caps!

Gottlieb® Rebound Bracket

Trying to restore your game back to original look? Tired of trying to clean the Rebound Bracket. We have reproduced part #A1309 Rebound Bracket, Nickel plating it just like our other Gottlieb® reproduction parts! This will fit Gottlieb® games from 1948 through the end of Gottlieb's production(where a rebound bracket was used)

You may be able to retrofit these for use in Williams, Stern, and Bally games. Click on the Thumb Nail for a larger picture to see the mounting bracket and determine what modification you would need to make to your game!

Part #A1309A Rebound Bracket - $11.50ea


Gottlieb® Un-Plated Flat Rail Clip

Flat Rail not staying in place due to a broken Flat Rail Clip? We have remade the Flat Rail Clip used in System 1, System 80, and early System 3 games. These were remade unfinished/un-plated.

Part #22277 Un-Plated Flat Rail Clip $3.96ea

Gottlieb® Balls Played Decal

Trying to restore your game back to original look? Tired of trying to clean the Balls Played Decal. We have reproduced part #A4281 Balls Played Decal.
Part #A4281 Balls Played Decal - $1.91ea

Gottlieb® Ball In Play Card

Trying to restore your game back to original look? Have a tired/burnt/missing Ball in Play card, we have reproduced part #A9995 Balls In Play card.

Part #A9995 Ball In Play Card $1.50ea

Gottlieb® Red/White Fan Style Decal

Trying to restore your game back to original look? Have a worn Fan Target with the paint coming off? We have a decal to make your target look like new, part #A8049FACE.

Part #A8049FACE Fan Decal $3.00ea

Gottlieb® Red/White/Blue Bullseye Decal

Trying to restore your game back to original look? Have a worn Bullseye Target, we have a decal to make your target look like new, part #A7107FACE.

Part #A7107FACE Bullseye Decal $3.00ea

Old Style Rollover Guides

These Old Style Rollover guides were the first molded rollovers guides used by all major pinball companies(Bally, Chicago Coin, Gottlieb®, Williams, etc...). They were used from the mid 50's though the mid 60's. We have remade them just like the original, in 6 different colors, without any design, and with rounded corners. They are measured just like our other rollover guides!
(See our webpage Rollover Guides)

These are $2.50ea

Williams Replacement
Coin Entry Plates

Fits Williams games from
~1966 Big Strike -1985 Sorcerer
(Before Black Coin Door).
Remade with countersunk entrance!
*Note- Graphics match originals, but do not include
part number which was not visible when properly installed.
When installed, part appears identical to the original.

Spring Kits for E/M Pinball Games!

We have created Spring Kits for E/M games. This is a grouping of the commonly requested springs for Step Units, Score Units, and Roto Target Units.. We have made these kits for Williams and Gottlieb® E/M games. These come with documentation on exactly which springs to replace. Click on the thumbnail for a example!

Click to see our Spring Kit Webpage!


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